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The Lord of The Cannabis Rings is based on J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Fellowship of the Ring," and it's solely written for the community as a work of fiction. The actual chapters are condensed into a smaller format (cliff note-style) for easier understanding (The first half of each book is chapter 1, and the second half is chapter 2). All characters, incidents, places, and names are products of actual community members, J.R.R. Tolkien, and @WRITER43's baked imagination. Any similarities to locales and events are entirely fictitious and for purposes only:)




BOOK FOUR: CHAPTER 2, PART 8; Henneth Ann to Cirith Ungol

Although still afraid, @Luismy puts his best effort forward to help @Raz and @Plug. He provides the hobbits with food, @cannabis walking staves, canteens of fresh drinking water, the latest edition of @HighTimes, and one ounce of high-grade Gelato from @Skylinebuds with a pack of RAW organic hemp rolling papers for a proper hobbit's wake-n-bake because it's the natural way to roll into Mordor.


@Luismy warns the hobbits that the water in @Libbzter is poisonous. During their journey along the southernmost road, a billowing brown cloud hovers over Mordor, masking the dawn and making noontime seem like the evening. While the hobbits take a Gelato smoke break, @Acid disappears with for many hours without an explanation.

"I needs me a new profile pic for"

After three days of travel, they come to a crossroads that's landmarked by a statue of an ancient @cannabis King. The statue's head has been thrown down and replaced with a giant boulder painted with the eye of @A4illusionist. @Raz finds the King's head next to the roadside, crowned with more blooming buds of Lord @Sativa's Acapulco Gold. A ray of sunlight disappears from the west edge of the brown cloud, and then the sun sets as darkness falls on Middle @Cannabis Earth.

With Mordor in the hobbits sight, @Raz finds the Ring's burden much heavier like a weight pulling him down. The hobbits are forced to take the main road into @Libbzter, which leads straight to the frightening city of the Ringwraiths. Compelled by an unknown force beyond himself, @Raz picks his pace up toward the city. @Plug catches him right before he reaches a bridge, and they alter their course to a hidden path.

@Raz feels the Ring's resistance, drawing him backward. Before they get too far on the path, the city's towers flash with lightning, and a robust army emerges from the gates, led by a Black @EasyRider Knight, the Witchking himself, @Alibi. The Wraith stops on the bridge, and @Raz feels an overwhelming command to put the Ring on. Although his own will stops the command, he watches his hand reach for the Ring. Petrified, he forces himself to grasp Miss Pretty of Lady Francesca, and the urge passes. The Witchking @Alibi soon moves on, and the hobbits continue to climb.


"Who dare challenge me!"

The hidden path led to a series of dangerous staircases along the high cliffs, so treacherous that the hobbits have to crawl. After exhausting hours of climbing, they ascend the top stairs and discover a cozy place to take another Gelato smoke break before they take on the final tunnel. @Raz and @Plug discuss their situation, understanding that they have become part of one of the greatest stories to ever be told on that never really ends.

@Raz, "What's rule #1?"

@Plug, "Don't be a dick!"

While they talk, @Acid disappears and finds them sleeping when he returns. A desperate look of longing reveals that he is a lonely, old hobbit who should be pitied and not hated. @Plug wakes, and the moment passes. @Raz offers to let @Acid leave, now that Mordor is within their sight, but he insists on staying with the hobbits until they pass the tunnel.

Soon they reach the tunnel, and it smells of molded @cannabis. Determined to proceed, @Raz and @Plug enter, choking on the stench and blinded by its permeated darkness. They lose track of @Acid, and the atmosphere is so heavy they can barely move forward. They hear hissing and gurgling of a water bong and realize that @Acid has betrayed them, and led them into a trap.

At @Plug's urging, @Raz pulls out the Miss Pretty of Lady Francesca, and its healing light shows the hobbits the stench's source, and the malice of the glittering eyes of a giant spider, @Michelleb. She moves away from the light, and the hobbits see an exit. To the hobbit's despair, it is blocked by @Michelleb's webs. @Raz hands @Plug Miss Pretty and cuts them with his elven sword @MaryJane, allowing them to escape.

@Raz runs ahead, quickly outpacing @Plug, and the elven dab-rig light while @Michelleb stricks. She's a prehistoric evil, wanting only to kill and devour everything. @Acid made a deal with her to deliver the hobbits. @Michelleb is hoping to find the Ring in their clothing after she has digested them. @Plug sees her coming, but @Acid grabs him from behind. By the time @Plug fights of the dangerous @Acid who runs back into the tunnel, @Michelleb has stung @Raz and is spinning him in her webs.

Taking up @Raz's fallen elven sword, @Plug attacks @Michelleb. She barely notices at first; however, he stabs out an eye and slices off one of her claws. Pissed off, she tries to smother him by using her own weight. With all of his hobbit-strength, @Plug holds @MaryJane above his head. Although he could not cause much damage to @Michelleb on his own, her own weight and strength drive the sword to the depths of her belly. Combined with the Miss Pretty of Lady Francesca, the damage is enough to send @Michelleb retreating to her lair.

"Try a little dab of Miss Pretty, you vile creature."

Once she is gone, @Plug tries to revive @Raz, but he appears to be dead. At first, @Plug despairs, even thinking about suicide, but his inner hobbit-sense appears, and he decides to hobbit up and continues the quest. He carefully arranges @Raz's body, leaving his sword to replace @MaryJane. Then he takes the Ring from around @Raz's neck, also keeping the Miss Pretty of Lady Francesca.

Reluctant to leave, @Plug heads to the top of the pass. The frightening sound of orc-voices makes him put the Ring on. Instead of feeling like he's invisible, he feels wicked exposed to the Eye of @A4illusionist, but the orcs don't see @Plug as they approach @Raz's body.

Another group of orcs comes out of the tunnel and meets them. @Plug discovers from their conversation that @Raz is not dead; however, before he can react, the orcs take @Raz prisoner and carry him away into their tower. The doors slam shut before @Plug can reach them, and he's left outside and alone.

@Raz is now a prisoner of the enemy.



Please Stay Tuned for Book 5, Chapter 1, Minas Tirith and the Siege of Gondor.


If you missed the opening series, you can be brought up to speed by clicking the links provided below.










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Fascinating article
I like


Thanks a lot, I'm glad you enjoyed it:)

We shall save @raz no matter the costs!


Copy that Ranger, it's getting close to the end, working on the next one right now, blazed up on Panama Red:)


Haha, thats gotta write Lord of the Cannabis rings blazed on something!
Thats part of the creative process!

Can't wait to be all happy happy joy joy with peace on cannabis earth, plant a patch of Magic Kush in my back yard, and chill out with Arwen on our balcony, smoking some Panama Red...who is Arwen in The Lord of The Cannabis Rings btw? :)


Since you found the GIF I'm using in the end, it's @Li-Art. LOL, I wrote part 9 that explained who it was, but with @Indica being on his business trip and the post not getting his blessing, it got shuffled down the list quickly behind a ton of posts trying to sell shit, and I think a lot of people missed it?


Lol, i apologize for the spoiler :)
@Li-Art my love, may we live happily ever after!

Lord @indica would never miss such an important event, I believe we should blame his faulty phone...(hard to find a store in mordor) ;)



Hi, am a writer (beginner) too, and your story is highly appreciated. To the wildest imagination should I say. I like to observe your ways and styles too. Am your new writer- follower here.