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The Lord of The Cannabis Rings is based on J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Fellowship of the Ring," and it's solely written for the community as a work of fiction. The actual chapters are condensed into a smaller format (cliff note-style) for easier understanding (The first half of each book is chapter 1, and the second half is chapter 2). All characters, incidents, places, and names are products of actual community members, J.R.R. Tolkien, and @WRITER43's baked imagination. Any similarities to locales and events are entirely fictitious and for purposes only:)

If you missed the opening series, you can be brought up to speed by reading part 1,2,3,4, and 5 by clicking the links provided below.









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BOOK THREE: CHAPTER 2, PART 6; Helm's Deep to Isengard

The Horsemen of Rohan leave for the Fords of Isengard while an impending heaviness festers in the air. As they ride, @Armshippie sees a cloud rising up from Isengard, but he cannot understand it? Before they arrive at the Ford, the messenger @Relaylogix has an important message sent by the elven historian @LordofTruth, it warns the riders of a large army on the way, so they alter their course and head to the fortress of Helm's Deep.


@Psyceratopsb rides off alone to gather more men while the army stays to defend the fortress, which has never been breached, but to their dismay, thousands of orcs infiltrate and besiege the Deep. @Carpediem and @EastBuddah bravely defend the gates while @Armshippie and @Bench have a friendly competition on who can kill more orcs. The battle is intense, but not without hope until an explosion blasts a hole through the fortress' wall while droves of orcs raise ladders and overrun their defenses.

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King @Lilweezy takes another bong hit of ancient Alaskan Thunderfuck, raises his sword and makes a desperate charge. As he rides out in the early morning sun, the orc-chieftain notices gigantic @cannabis trees behind them who are throwing massive boulders and whose branches are annihilating his troops by the thousands. Then @Psycertopsb arrives with reinforcements. Attacked from both sides, the remaining orcs flee into the woods, never to be seen again.


After the fierce battle ended, @Psyceratopsb leads King @Lilweezy, along with @Carpediem, @Armshippie, and @Bench to Isengard. As they ride, @Bench describes the grand caves behind Helm's Deep, and he agrees to visit @ChooseFreedom only if the elf will return the favor and visit the caves? When the Ents arrive, King @Lilweezy marvels that folk legend stories have come to life. The giant @cannabis trees depart Helm's Deep and leave walking over piles of dismembered and slain orcs.

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The King's party passes by a pillar of a white hand that's now thrown down and are shocked to see the walls of Isengard in ruins. On a pile of stones next to the gate, they find @Stash and @JoeSmoke eating, drinking wine, and smoking Longbottom Purple Haze imported from @DankofAmerica. The hobbits send @Psyceratopsb and King @Lilweezy on to @Ganjaman, but @Carpediem, @Armshippie, and @Bench stay with their friends to smoke the very dank imported Purple Haze.

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The Ents simultaneously attacked Isengard as soon as the King's army went into Helm's Deep while @Ganjaman and the other crazed Ents destroyed the walls to rubble. From @SmokeRings, his tower, @A4illusionist sent blazing fires out of the ground to destroy the Ents, but they outwitted the old wizard by diverting the river and flooding the entire area.

@A4illusionist is now trapped in his tower, which the Ents cannot destroy. @Psyceratopsb arrived during the night to ask the @cannabis trees to go to Helm's Deep, much to the surprise of the hobbits. The next morning @TaskManager arrived, dismayed by the Ent's destruction; however, @Ganjaman allowed him to join his master in the tower.

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@Stash and @JoeSmoke found a stash of shatter and more imported pipeweed from @DankofAmerica in the guardhouse and decided to guard their post until @Psycertopsb returns with the King. After heavy smoking sessions, the friends join @Psyceratopsb and King @Lilweezy to confront @A4illusionist. @Psycertopsb warns the stoners that @A4illusionist's voice can enchant; therefore, they must proceed with caution.

@A4illusionist appears robed in a rainbow of colors as he speaks so fairly and reasonably that everyone feels bad for him, but not acknowledging that he attacked first. The stoners expect King @Lilweezy to side with @A4illusionist, but the King wards off the spell. @Psycertopsb offers @A4illusionist a chance to repent and be set free; however, the old wizard's pride refuses.

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@Psyceratopsb breaks his wizard staff and spells out his voice. @TaskManager throws a crystal ball at @A4illusionist's head, completely missing him, which @JoeSmoke retrieves before it rolls into the water. @Psyceratopsb snatches it from him, stating that the @Ganja Stone is the most valuable item in all of Middle @Cannabis Earth besides the Golden @Ganja Ring that its Ringbearer @Raz carries on a chain around his neck. As they leave Isengard, @Psyceratopsb asks the Ents to watch @A4illusionist and continue to flood the valley.


Along the way to Edoras, @JoeSmoke becomes obsessed with the @Ganja Stone from Isengard and wants to look at it again. He swipes it from @Psyceratopsb that night and uncovers it. He cries loudly and faints, @Psyceratopsb revives him with magic hash dust and interrogates him.

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The @Ganja Stone, known as @Elfenwick, allows communication across vast distances, and @JoeSmoke found himself talking to the Dark Lord himself. Fortunately, @A4illusionist did not hear of @Raz's quest because he assumed that @JoeSmoke was the Ringbearer and imprisoned at the @Greenleaves Correctional Institute. @Psyceratopsb leaves the @Elfenwick stone with @Carpediem and stops for a moment to pack his pipe with the imported Purple Haze from @DankofAmerica and asks @JoeSmoke if he is afraid of heights?

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The Wizard, who's blitzkrieged on the imported Purple Haze mounts his eagle and flies toward Minas Tirith.

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Please Stay Tuned for Book 4, Chapter 1, Emyn Muil to Henneth Ann

The Return of the @Ganja King.



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I want some of that magic Purple Haze, pass some to the ranger :))


LOL, There's wooden case full, stuff your pockets Ranger because there's plenty of action ahead.


Ohh i am stuffing them man, i am stuffing...

If this is my last day to live, i am going to Valhalla with my own supply!


Don't worry, you'll live to see another day and make Middle Cannabis Earth great again:) Take as much pipeweed as you need Ranger because danger lurks ahead.