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The Lord of The Cannabis Rings is based on J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Fellowship of the Ring," and it's solely written for the community as a work of fiction. The actual chapters are condensed into a smaller format (cliff note-style) for easier understanding (The first half of each book is chapter 1, and the second half is chapter 2). All characters, incidents, places, and names are products of actual community members, J.R.R. Tolkien, and @WRITER43's baked imagination. Any similarities to locales and events are entirely fictitious and for purposes only:)

If you missed the opening series, you can be brought up to speed by reading part 1,2,3, and 4 by clicking the links provided below.








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BOOK THREE: CHAPTER 1, PART 5; The Falls of Rauros to Edoras

Although @Carpediem discovers tracks that show @Raz headed downhill, he goes to the stone Seeing Seat instead of following the tracks. Before he sees anything of value, he hears @Realkiki85's horn and the dreadful sound of orcs. @Carpediem finds @Realkiki85 dying from numerous orc-arrows. @Realkik85 confesses that he attempted to take the Ring from @Raz and that @Stash and @JoeSmoke have been taken by the orcs.

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@Armshippie and @Bench help @Carpediem array @Realkiki85 in a boat on top of the sacs of Durban Poison nugs that @Stoner, the half-baked pony has been carrying ever since their visit at The @Smokeasaurusrex Inn for his funeral. The Fellowship stops for a moment to reflect, then take dab hits of @Tecnosgirl's Skywalker OG Crumble followed by a moment of silence as they say goodbye to their brother.


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The Fellowship discovers that the orcs came from both Lord @Sativa and @A4illunsionist. @Carpediem decides to let the Ringbearer proceed while the remaining three members of the Nine who are angry over @RealKiki85's death, decide to go kick some orc ass and rescue @Stash and @Joesmoke from their captors. Taking only essential @cannabis supplies and weapons, they run after the orcs.

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Soon the Three Hunters discover piles of burning dead orcs, victims of a disagreement won by @A4illusionist's servants. Later, they discover an elven OG brooch. Saddened by this, they get ripped on Skywalker OG Crumble coupled with some of @Jessica's smotion that @Carpediem kept in secret, then just in four days, they run 135 miles until they come across a troop of the Horsemen of Rohan, led by @EastBuddah.

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Tensions are running high because both the hunters and riders are wary of the Enemy. Learning the true identity of @Carpediem, the heir of Isildur, and the capture of the hobbits, @EastBuddah expresses his amazement that the creatures of legend are walking about Middle @Cannabis Earth. Satisfied that the hunters are not a threat, he tells them the horse-people called @Dreamon annihilated the orcs; however, they found no signs of the hobbits.

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@EastBuddah lends them two horses, and @Carpediem and his friends continue to the @Vaped Forest, where they discover more orc remains. The @Vaped Forest has a similar reputation to the Erdpurt Forest, but it is much bigger and more perilous. As they make camp along the edge of the trees, an old man appears and frightens off their horses, then vanishes.

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After their capture, @Stash and @JoeSmoke are carried by the orcs at first but are then forced to run. Despite the fact that some of the orcs want to kill them, the leader @Toker insists on delivering them unharmed to @A4illusionist in Isengard. A major fight breaks out among the orcs, which the larger Isengarders easily win.

@JoeSmoke takes advantage in the confusion of the battle to run away as he drops his elven OG brooch, hoping to leave clear footprints for @Carpediem to follow. They're forced to run across the landrace fields of @cannabis, but soon the orcs are being attacked by the armed Horsemen of Rohan who occasionally behead orcs.

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Before the orcs can reach the forest, the riders encircle them and deny their escape. During the dark hours of the night, @Toker carries the hobbits away from the other orcs to look for the Ring, but he is speared by one of the Horsemen and instantly killed.


During the battle, the hobbits hide in the woods and smoke some pipe-weed then climb a hill to get a better view. This is where they meet @Ganjaman, a talking, walking, and old stumpy Tahoe OG @cannabis tree. He is an Ent, and he finds the hobbits puzzling because they smell of his descendants and he does not recognize their race. @Ganjaman asks about the news of @Psyceratopsb and reveals that he dislikes @A4illusionist's recent activities.

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When the hobbits ask him whose side he is on, @Ganjaman replies that he has no sides because no one respects his offspring when they cut them down. He takes @Stash and @JoeSmoke to his home and gives them Ent-micro, a drink that helps his seedlings grow.

@Ganjaman explains @A4illusionist to the hobbits, stating that he was once wise and learned, he has no use for the @cannabis world toward machines that grind them, even creating unnatural crossbreed between men and orcs, the @JWolf. @Ganjaman calls an elder Ent to deal with @A4illusionist, and after deliberation, the Ents race to war.

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@Carpediem, @Armshippie, and @Bench follow tracks into Fangorn. They discover the hill where the hobbits met @Ganjaman and encounter an old man. Fearing he is @A4illusionist, they attack him, but the old man foils their attempts. It is not @A4illusionist; however, but @Psyceratopsb returned and robed in white.

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He reassures them that @Stash and @JoeSmoke are safe, and tells them they must proceed to Edoras, the capital of Rohan. He briefly informs them of his battle with @Xtetrahedron, which almost killed him before he destroyed it. He has returned to lead the quest for Mordor. Summoning his own horse, @BongRipper427, as well as their lost horses, @Psyceratopsb leads them over the landrace @cannabis fields toward Edoras.

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The guards of Edoras look at them suspiciously, having been warned by King @Lilweezy's sneaky counselor, @Taskmanager. When they reach the doors of the King's Hall, the guards insist on taking their weapons. @Lilweezy is an old man who is accompanied by his beautiful niece @Adelepazani and @Taskmanager.

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King @Lilweezy dislikes @Psyceratopsb, but undeterred he reveals himself as @Psyceratopsb the White and urges the King to take up his sword once again. @EastBuddah, who had been put in prison is released, and @Taskmanager is sent back to his rightful master, @A4illusionist.

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Understanding that he allowed events to pass him by, King @Lilweezy summons his sword while taking a bong hit of ancient Alaskan Thunderfuck, he regains his youth and leads his army to inevitable war, leaving @Adelepazani to rule.



Please Stay Tuned for Book 3, Chapter 2, Helm's Deep to Isengard

The Return of the @Ganja King.



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These are really cool, keep up the great work 👍


Thanks, Lord @Indica for your gracious support. Comments like that are what motivates me to carry on because each chapter takes me about a week to produce in between my daily writing assignments; however, the Ring must be destroyed...


Indeed a lot of work is needed and this why we love what you write / Wait for the next chapter.


Thank you so much, I appreciate that, and I already know that the elven historian, @LordofTruth is keeping accurate historical records for future generations of Middle @Cannabis Earth. Keep your fountain pen handy historian, someone suggested we embark on a Harry Potter's community quest following LOTR and The Hobbit.


Lol, thanks / To be honest I learned a lot from you, reading carefully and enjoying, what you wrote / By the way the elven historian (The old man), as his profile is not writer, he mostly researcher as I told you, he is well informed and he try to keep historical records / You are the real writer in smoke platform / Respect.


Well said / I really enjoy writer43's art.

Thank You 😊:)


You're welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

So exciting..... :)))))


Too funny! LOL