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The Lord of The Cannabis Rings is based on J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Fellowship of the Ring," and it's solely written for the community as a work of fiction. The actual chapters are condensed into a smaller format (cliff note-style) for easier understanding (The first half of each book is chapter 1, and the second half is chapter 2). All characters, incidents, places, and names are products of actual community members, J.R.R. Tolkien, and @WRITER43's baked imagination. Any similarities to locales and events are entirely fictitious and for purposes only:)

If you missed the opening series, you can be brought up to speed by reading part 1,2, and 3 by clicking the links provided below.







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With no time to stop and mourn their loss because they know orcs will soon hunt them, the remaining members of the Nine run for their lives from Moria. Only pausing long enough to take bong hits while tending the injuries of @Raz and @Plug, they reach the elven woods of @ChooseFreedom that night. Although the elves of @ChooseFreedom are born outlaws, growers in exile, and mistrustful of outsiders, especially the law, they allow the exhausted Fellowship into their protected @cannabis territory.

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Word of @Psyceratopsb's fall deeply bothers the Lord and Lady of the Forest. Lady Francesca observes that the quest of the Golden @Ganja Ring hangs in the balance, but it still could succeed if the remaining eight stoners remain faithful. Her gaze and beauty have them all couch-locked, and she appears to offer each one a choice between abandoning the quest or having their heart's desire? @Raz and @RealKiki85 appear most affected; however, neither will disclose what she offered them.

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The elves offer healing, advice, and shelter to the Fellowship, and they lounge in the endless beauty of the elven realm as they smoke some pretty nice golden dabs Lady Francesca gave them. When @Raz and @Plug become severely stoned, he and @Plug encounter Lady Francesca. She entices them with a vision in her mirror that shows the past, present or the uncertain future.

When @Plug looks, he first sees @Raz lying lifeless and pale, then he sees the demolished trees of the Shire and the annihilation of his home town. Lady Francesca warns him that his glimpse into the mirror is of the future, and any attempt to change it could actually bring it to pass.

@Raz's vision reveals a man like @Psycertopsb, then @Barge, and then a series of mysterious images. Without warning, the mirror turns black, and he sees the Eye of @A4illusionist searching for him. He breaks his glance just in time. Impressed by Lady Francesca's power, @Raz offers her the Ring. Although tempted, she resists his offer and accepts her fate would be diminished from Middle @Cannabis Earth.

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The entire Fellowship discusses continuing beyond @ChooseFreedom, but are torn as to the direction they should take? @RealKiki85 plans to return to his homeland of Minas Tirith, and most of the Fellowship prefer that direction as opposed to going to Mordor. @Carpediem also wants to go to Gondor himself; however, he hesitates between his selfish choice and that of the Ringbearer.

The elves pimp boats with navigation charts drawn by @LordofTruth, but this only stalls the decision. Meanwhile, the Fellowship is blessed with elven OG cloaks, which can change colors to match its environment, coils of silver elven hemp rope, and @Tecnosgirl's Skywalker OG Crumble, a highly energetic elven staple suited for perilous travel.

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Lady Francesca bestows gifts upon each stoner of the Fellowship:

To @Carpediem, she gives a magical sheath for his reforged sword @Sharminkona as well as a green, crystalized elfnug as a token from @Li-Art, his love.

@RealKiki85 receives a belt forged of pure elven gold G-13 Diesel while @Stash and @JoeSmoke get silver Shiesel belts.

@Armshippie's short bow is replaced with a badass longbow of @TheCodelion carved from an enormous Pineapple Chunk branch.

To @Plug, in respect to his love of cannabis cultivation, she bestows a small box with enchanted earth from her own garden and one seed of Grape Nut.

She does not know what to give @Bench because of the untrust between elves and dwarfs over the years, and he boldly asks for a strand of her golden hair. She provides him with three and a small tin of Blueberry OG breath mints.

Lastly, she gives @Raz a small crystal dab rig called Miss Pretty that shines with the light of Sensi's Star, to shine for him in dark places when all other lights perish.

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For several days, the Fellowship stays energized with the dab hits of @Tecnosgirl's Skywalker OG Crumble and travels downstream through the wasted countryside. One evening, @Plug describes a strange sight of a log with blazing eyes that appears to be following them. He and @Raz suspect it is @Acid, who's been secretly following them from Moria. @Carpediem soon confirms their suspicions, but they cannot catch the elusive creature.

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A party of orcs catches them @offgrid and attacks them near the rapids of @Lamanoverde without causing any significant damage, but they are riding great flying creatures that instill fear on all under its shadow. @Armshippie, who has the eye of an eagle, shoots the creature's heart with the bow of @TheCodelion and it plummets, but now the Fellowship understands the Black @EasyRider Knights have taken to the air.

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After passing the Cola Cliffs of @PurpleFlowers, enormous statues of fossilized colas of ancient Grand Daddy Purple that mark the boundary of Gondor, the stoners amped on Skywalker OG Crumble race towards a lake and the shores of Amon Hen, which is the Hill of Sight, where a decision must be made on the direction to take.

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@Raz is too baked to choose and request one hour to hit Miss Pretty and consider his options. @RealKiki85 secretly follows him and wants him to take the Ring to Minas Tirith. @RealKiki85's words reveal that he wants to wield the ring himself, and approaches @Raz and attempted to take it.

Petrified, the hobbit slides the Ring on his finger, disappears, and runs like hell to the top of a hill, where he sits on a stone seat. From that moment, he has an epiphany and sees armies moving and rising smoke from battles throughout Middle @Cannabis Earth. As with Lady Francesca's mirror, he is almost seen by @A4illusionist, but a mysterious voice tells him to remove it just in time.

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Aware of the peril and knowing the madness @RealKiki85 displayed on the Skywalker OG Crumble will eventually reach his friends, he hobbits up with Miss Pretty and heads to Mordor alone.

When the other stoners of the Fellowship put the Skywalker OG Crumble down, they realize that @RealKiki85 has vanished, they split up and begin to look for him and @Raz. @Carpediem runs towards the stone seat, but @Plug understands how his stoner friend thinks and heads to the shores. He catches @Raz trying to escape in a boat and demands on going with him.

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They breakwater, cross the lake and set off together on a perilous mission toward Mordor.



Please Stay Tuned for Book 3, Chapter 1, The Falls of Rauros to Edoras - The Return of the @Ganja King.



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So fun to read, I love the original story so much and your adaptation is a blast! Looking forward to the next chapter.


Your welcome and thank you:)

about time I made an issue. LOL I missed the first two but caught up when I saw the last installment and thought hey where am I at? LOL This makes my day a little better as I been kind of in that sad mood with my kitty dying yesterday.

I like the lord of the cannabis ring series and hope you keep it coming.


Yes, I saw that your kitty died, so sorry to hear that, been there myself:(

But on the positive, I'm so glad you like the series and I'm glad it made your day when you saw yourself in the story. I'm trying to include as many community members as possible and keep it straight? LOL, We're getting close to the end, 2 more parts for book 3, and of course, I'll have to do the Hobbit afterward. @Tecnosgirl's Skywalker OG Crumble = Hobbit-Fuel LOL

P.S. It's comments like that is what makes writing it worth it! I do it for you guys to enjoy and get a laugh:)

Great work, keep it up 👍


Thanks so much, Lord @Indica. LOL