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The Lord of The Cannabis Rings is based on J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Fellowship of the Ring," and it's solely written for the community as a work of fiction. All characters, incidents, places, and names are products of actual community members, J.R.R. Tolkien, and @WRITER43's baked imagination. Any similarities to locales and events are entirely fictitious and for purposes only:)


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Middle Cannabis Earth is at war. The quest for the Golden Ganja Ring, which holds infinite powers for all phenotypes as well as invisibility, dominance, and immortality is sought by the evil Lord @Sativa who rules the east side of the Anduin, The Great River. Ruling the west side of The Great River is Lord @Indica who will not rest until the Golden Ganja Ring is destroyed in the fires of Mount Doom, where it was forged by Lord @Sativa, and it's the only location in existence where it can be destroyed...

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@Barge Baggins, an eccentric and remarkably old hobbit, throws a spectacular all-day and all-you-can-smoke-fest to celebrate his 111th birthday and his cousin @Raz's 33rd. Although old, @Barge has the energy and appearance of someone half his age, while @Raz is now fully legal to inherit @Barge's estate.


After dinner was over, @Barge holds a speech and announces that he's leaving, slides on the magical Ring, and vanishes in front of the crowd. Back at G-Bomb End, his hobbit hole, he secretly meets with his old wizard friend @Psyceratopsb, and they discuss his clever plan to leave everything behind, including the Golden Ganja Ring to @Raz. @Barge becomes suspicious and agitated, and he almost keeps the Ring; however, he left it behind. Once he commits to his decision, he feels as though a heavy weight has been lifted.

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@Raz, who knew his cousin's plan, settles in at the G-Bomb End and lives a respectable life as a cultivator for Lord @Indica's Kingdom. Seventeen years pass, little has changed except that @Raz does not age, unlike his disappearing cousin. Traveler's stories of peaceful cannabis villages that are being blazed by Orcs sent by Lord @Sativa start to arrive and @Psyceratopsb arrives shortly afterward.

ORC ARMY 1.jpg

@Psyceratopsb has come to understand that @Raz's ring is, in fact, the Golden Ganja Ring, forged long ago by the Dark Lord @Sativa. @Sativa is unequivocally evil, and he desperately wants to recover the Ring, so he can enslave all of the inhabitants of Middle Cannabis Earth. The wizard has also learned from the vile and deceptious creature @Acid that the Ring has been found, and the once ringbearer @Acid will stop at nothing to regain his coveted precious.

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@Raz must depart from the Shire before Lord @Sativa finds him in order to keep the Ring safe. He promises @Psyceratopsb that he'll leave in late autumn, and the wizard vowed to return and join him to Rivendell. In order to evade assailants, @Raz pretends to move across the county with his friend and fellow gardener @Plug, and his friends @Stash and @JoeSmoke. @Raz starts his quest walking cross-country.

During their journey, they repeatedly come across one or more frightening strangers who are large men riding black horses and wearing hand-forged armor, whose presence puts fear in anyone who dares to look at them. Every time @Raz sees them, he has an irresistible urge to slide the Ring on his finger and hide from them. One of the Black @EasyRider Knights almost discovers them hiding next to the roadside; however, he's scared away by a party of elves who provide the hobbits with shelter for the night.

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Plagued by the Black @EasyRider Knights who are fresh on their trail, the hobbits have Farmer @JackDub smuggle them across the Brandywine River on a ferry. Temporarily safe in his new dwelling at Crickhollow, @Raz tells his close friends @Plug and @Stash that he will be departing from the Shire at first light. Being suspicious of his plans, they insist on joining him. With hopes of losing the Black @EasyRider Knights, they head toward the Erdpurt Forest, an old and ancient landrace area with an evil reputation that sits on the border of the Shire.


The hobbits discover that the Erdpurt Forest is unsettling. As @Stash explains, the cannabis forest trees are more alive than normal phenotypes. They keep watch for intruders and grab them with roots or drop branches on them and don't particularly care for people. The paths among the ancient landrace strains are constantly changing, and soon the hobbits find themselves in the middle of the Erdpurt Forest in the valley of @RawPride.


Tired from a long journey, they fall asleep against a giant white widow tree. @Plug saves @Raz when the tree uses a root in an attempt to drown him, but they're unable to save @Stash and @JoeSmoke who have been swallowed up by the cracks in its trunk.

Calling for help, they find a strange man dressed in black wearing a mask. He introduces himself as @Unnamed, and he packs a bowl of Alien Fire OG as he breaks into nonsense-singing; however, he does spare @Stash and @JoeSmoke from the old White Widow. As night falls, he tells the hobbits that he hates rabbits and takes them to his secret cave that borders the Erdpurt Forest.

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Note from @WRITER43:

This story has taken little over a month to develop in my spare and stoned downtime. I hope everyone enjoyed a little spin on an epic fantasy story. Stay tuned for chapter 2; however, it could be a little while before it's published...



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Article totally Awesome. valuable Content.


Thank you so much. It was a little bit more of an undertaking than I thought it would be.

Awesome story. And pretty accurate on many parts. :D
Thanks for the entertainment! Will there be a female version, too? ;)


Thank you @mayb :) I tried to keep the story as close as possible. I do want to inject some female members into the next chapter, and a witch sounds perfect for the script!


Exciting! Can't wait!

Lol, really creative writing. That image is definitely too ugly for @acid 😀😀. funny @unnamed don't like rabbits even in stories. Waiting to see how chapter goes, interesting👍


It’s especially their holes I don’t like.


I'll make sure to mention that in the next chapter:)


In a previous version of the site it also showed location in the profile section.

Mine is downthescreenhole, also a reference to Lucious' sonar visualizer setup in TDK movie.


"Downthesreenhole," I like it:)


Thank you @jessica, stay tuned because you might find yourself in the next chapter:)

Very well balanced imagination.. How can you think like that? Amazing !!


Thank you @razeiv, my whole intention was to bring awareness to and recognize some of the members who make this platform possible. As far as how I think like that? I give credit to the power of cannabis:)


Yea.. Cannabis is really the credit taker :)

Lol this is hilarious, really man, epic writing :))

I can see you sitting one evening thinking about something interesting to write...smoking one doobie, then another one...and then another one...and then a thought comes to mind...I should re-write the lord of the rings, ohh that probably will take me couple minutes...Just to find your self working on it for couple of month 😊..

Though it worth it, great piece of entertainment!

Thanks for sharing, cant wait for part two :)


Thanks bro:) Yeah, that was pretty much how it happened! LOL I wanted something cool and different with community members included, but as I found out, developing the plot and rewriting LOR took several joints and lots of spare time. I like your screen name, I can see it showing up in chapter 2:)


Lol, yeah we smokers think alike ;)

We will be here to encourage you to keep going, though its a long trilogy ..good luck with that brother ... 😀😲

Perhaps somewhere on the way to mordor they discover a magic smoke-potion (smotion?!) and with the help of a giant bong create a big cloud that makes everybody stoned...long story short...there is peace in the Middle Cannabis Earth... :))

But if we still going to mordor, i'll shine my gauntlet, get my sword/bow/magic thunderbolts ready, put some galadriels nuggets in my pouch...and ready to go ;)


LMAO:) Been working on Chapter 2 due to the response here. Might be released in a few hours:) And I'm open to any request by fans and putting them into the story as I write it:)