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The Hobbit was first published in 1937, by J.R.R. Tolkien and is being rewritten by @WRITER43 exclusively for the community as a work of fiction. The book contains 19 chapters, and following the introductory chapter, the rest of the chapters will be paired in a series for a total of 10 posts. All characters, incidents, places, and names are products of actual community members, J.R.R. Tolkien, and @WRITER43's baked imagination. Any similarities to locales and events are entirely fictitious and for purposes only.

This book is dedicated to @HerbnCrypto's family.





Fire and Bong Water

The story takes a two-day trip back in time when @Vaped smashed in the Great Mountain's door in a fit of rage. The townswomen of @Tecnosgirl saw the flashes of light, and they thought it was the King and his gold. Alarmed but prepared, they foiled the mighty dragon's first attempts to set @Tecnosgirl ablaze; however, @Vaped continued his assault and set the town on fire - destroying everything.


Those who survived did so by jumping into a giant vat of sacred bong water. One of the town's archers, @PrettyNiceVideo, a descendant of @Indaymers, stands strong against @Vaped with her arrows and hits the Dragon in his soft spot and kills the flying fire-beast.


Victorious, @PrettyNiceVideo is named the new "Queen of Smoke," however, the master of @Tecnosgirl, @DaddyDayCarex2 reminds the women about the dwarves. Meanwhile, ravens carry the news of @Vaped's death. The Elvenking, @LordofTruth comes to the aid of @Tecnosgirl and heads to the Great Mountain, 11-days after the destruction caused by the Dragon.


Standing in a huge gathering of @cannabis clouds outside of the Great Mountain's secret door is a stranger named @MrTree420. He tells @Bundo and the dwarves that @Vaped is dead and that they should not trust @DaddyDayCarex2, but they should trust him instead. @HerbnCrypto, assuming his ancestral role as the rightful King, sends @MrTree420 away.


@HerbnCrypto, "Leave my site at once!"

@HerbnCrypto rolls a giant spliff and gets @Bundo and the dwarves wicked stoned before he instructs them to fortify the Great Mountain against the Elvenking, @LordofTruth. The elves make a campfire at the base of the mountain and unpack their dab rigs and bongs for the night as the dwarves do the same.

In the middle of the night, @MrTree420 approaches @HerbnCrypto with his men and informs @HerbnCryptoto to side with the elves, but the King sends him away once again. Feeling disrespected, @MrTree420 returns and changes his offer to part of the hoard if he aids the dwarves against the elves. @HerbnCrypto refuses and tells @MrTree420 and his men to consider themselves now enemies.

@HerbnCrypto, "You want a fucking war!"


A Theif in the Night

@HerbnCrypto looks for the Arkenstone, which is the most valuable treasure in the hoard as a raven brings news that his cousin @Arsenal49 is coming with 500 dwarves. @Bundo takes the Arkenstone and goes to @Alibi's post, and he volunteers to take his watch. When @Alibi agrees, @Bundo puts the Ring on and like a thief in the night, he goes to see the elves in secret.

@LordofTruth, "The hobbit request to see you."

@MrTree420, "What does a hobbit want of me?"

He asks the Elvenking, @LordofTruth to be taken to @MrTree420. When he meets @MrTree420, he gives him the Arkenstone and tells him to use it as a bargaining chip and sign of peace with @HerbnCrypto. As @Bundo slips away, the Wizard @Elliot reappears.



The Cannabis Clouds Burst

@MrTree420 goes to @HerbnCrypto and shows him the Arkenstone as @Bundo explains how he found it, which enrages @HerbnCrypto. @Elliot then reappears. @HerbnCrypto promises @MrTree420 with 420 Bitcoins of the hoard for the Arkenstone. @MrTree420 agrees and goes outside to meet @Arsenal49 who's approaching with his army of 500 dwarves and refuses him to pass.


@Arsenal49, "You best part my way before I knock that ugly head of your shoulders!"

@LordofTruth wants a friendly truce, but the dwarves strike. @Elliot warns of the Goblins and Wargs that may attack. The @cannabis clouds burst, and The Battle of the Five Armies is born. The Wargs and Goblins simultaneously attack the men, elves, and dwarves as @Smokeasaurusrex and his eagle friends approach.


Returning Back to

@Bundo is struck with a flying bong hammer and passes out. As @Bundo regains his consciousness he's taken to @HerbnCrypto who's dying from his battle wounds. He discovers that the eagles tore the Wargs and Goblins to shreds with their massive talons and that @Self.Made.Bstrd the skin-changer also came to their aid as a fearsome bear.


@HerbnCrypto is carried back in @Smokeasuarusrex's talon and given a proper King's burial.

He's buried on the Great Mountain with the Arkenstone along with @RealKiki85 and his brother @Relaylogix who also died during The Battle of the Five Armies. As promised by @HerbnCrypto, 420 Bitcoins are given to @MrTree420 and @Bundo also receives 420 Bitcoins for his support, but before returning to, he sheds a tear for his fallen friend.

@Bundo, "I will miss you @HerbnCrypto Okenshield, my dear friend."


The Last Stage

The last stage of the community's quest begins on Oct 7, 2019, when @Bundo returns to community to discover that his home Bag End and it's contents are being sold at auction because he's presumed dead. @Bundo quickly resumes control of his possessions and hobbit-hole as he instructs his young cousin @Raz Baggins to post a new sign.

As the years pass him by, @Bundo Baggins sits on his favorite bench in his @cannabis garden as he smokes his pipeweed, blows @smokerings, and reflects back on his perilous and crazy adventure.



Sadly, these are @Writer43's Last Pages on for the present time. The next chapter in my life is about finishing you what you started. This book almost didn't get finished as my thoughts have been on a real-life situation involving my 11-year old son Adin whom I haven't seen in 8-years, but I decided to finish what I started here before moving on, so I didn't have another unfinished project.

I need huge financial resources to fight his mother, and the only solution I have is to finish what I started by typing a crime novel that I wrote called "Bewrayeth," which is already written in longhand. The task at hand is larger than taking on The Lord of the Cannabis Rings and The Hobbit combined because it took 4-years to write the rough draft.

I've procrastinated long enough, and it's time to fight for what was stolen away from me; therefore, until this task is complete, I will not be posting any more content on This journey was never about the smoke or the money for me, but more about the connections and friendships I made.

Hopefully, I saved my best post for last, and I also believe this creative writing that's exclusive to was the stepping stone for getting me ready to publish my first novel. This book was dedicated to @HerbnCrypto for the loss of his child, which deeply impacted me, and it was a way to share and leave something bigger than myself.

With that being said, I'm currently powering down my entire earnings over the last year, and I'll be paying it forward as the smoke comes in with 420 smoke to each of one of my biggest supporters and fans until the entire hoard of 13,000 smoke is upsmoked! Once the transaction is complete, those who stood by me will have received a part of what made @Writer43 the writer he is today!

Thank All of You! @WRITER43


If you missed the opening series of The Hobbit, you can get caught up to speed by clicking the links below.

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Man, good luck in the fight for your son. Go get them dude. I'm sad to see you won't be posting. Hope you'll check in, in the comment section every now and then. I wish you the best of luck.


Thanks @Zuculuz, I appreciate that!

Go get'em! Specifically go get your son!

BTW... I want to read that book once published. I may even want a hardcover version.


Thanks, and you got it! I'll post an update once it's done! I'm guessing I have 6 months to a year of work ahead of me. :D

Loved the content! We’ll meet again!


You're welcome bro, yes we will in another story once this task at hand is complete. Peace and keep growing them big crops: D

I been checking all my wallets but I haven't gotten my btc yet ;D These are always a fun read and even better when I'm one of the stars!


Thanks so much and your btc will happen:) LOL, It's just a matter of powering-down time:D

It´s sad that you have to go atm.... but you have to fight for your son and I am wishing you to have a success finally of getting him back. Thank you for the time you have invested in writing this epic on I wish you all the best! Toi... toi... toi (Good Luck) as a saying goes in german!


Thank you so much @Indaymers, it's been a pleasure. I'm not saying I'm done writing epic stories as you say on smoke, but for now, I can't do both. My spare time needs to be devoted to this other story that hopefully, will get me reunited with my son.

Wish you all the best dear, expecting the good news soon 👍


Thanks so much! I will post an update once the book is typed. BTW be looking for 420 smoke in the near future, you're on the list! Thanks for your support:D


Thanks, much appreciated ✌

you should color print them all out and make a book


I like how you think! LOL