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The Hobbit was first published in 1937, by J.R.R. Tolkien and is being rewritten by @WRITER43 exclusively for the community as a work of fiction. The book contains 19 chapters, and following the introductory chapter, the rest of the chapters will be paired in a series for a total of 10 posts. All characters, incidents, places, and names are products of actual community members, J.R.R. Tolkien, and @WRITER43's baked imagination.

Certain community members from the LOTR series have been replaced due to them showing a lack of interest in being a part of the community's quest while others have been given a new character. Any similarities to locales and events are entirely fictitious and for purposes only.

This book is dedicated to @HerbnCrypto's family.



CHAPTER ONE: An Unexpected Smoke Sesh and Adventure

There lived a hobbit whose name was @Bundo Baggins. He and his hobbit people are half the size of humans with round bellies, hairy feet, and slightly pointed ears. Hobbits are good-natured and peaceful creatures. They love eating good food, drinking wine, growing @cannabis and smoking dank pipeweed.

Although some hobbits reside in houses, they prefer to live in holes carved out of Middle @Cannabis Earth. The hobbit holes are anything but ghettos. As a matter of fact, they're very comfortable dwellings and have all the amenities of an aboveground structure.

The hobbit hole where @Bundo Baggins resides is called Bag End, which is a luxurious hobbit hole stocked with nice furniture, a large kitchen, food pantry, library, wine cellar, and indoor @cannabis cultivation facilities. @Bundo's hobbit hole rest under a hill in a peaceful village called the Shire.

@Bundo Baggins is a small, beardless hobbit, and he loves his home at Bag End. His parents are from the @CryptoSmokers' tribe who is respected by all throughout the community and part of the founding forefathers of the Shire. @Bundo himself is well to do and very fond of his hobbit hole, clothes, books, food, wine, and dank pipeweed.

@Bundo, "Hmm, it could of been cured a little longer?"

@Bundo Baggins greets a traveler, not recognizing him as @Elliot the Wizard. @Elliot tells @Bundo that he is searching for someone to go on an adventure with, but @Bundo declines his gesture even after @Elliot reveals himself and reminds him of his longtime friendship with the @CryptoSmokers.

@Bundo tells him to be on his way but invites him over for a smoke sesh the following day. @Elliot makes a strange mark on the hobbit's front door and leaves. The next day, @Bundo hears a ruckus outside of his front door. He opens the door and 13 stoned dwarves who are all descendants of the great dwarven Oakenshield dynasty, are falling over each other, trying to be the first ones into Bag End.



Weapons: Dual Axes, War Hammer, Dagger, Regal Pounamu Battle Axe, Lake-Town Four Sided Axe, and Knuckle Dusters.


Weapons: Mace, Double-Edged Sword, Durin's Axe.


Weapons: Longbow, Warhammer, Throwing Axes, and Dual Swords.


Weapons: Hunting Knives, Throwing Axes, Dagger, and Warhammer.

@RELAYLOGIX & @REALKIKI85 are brothers and the youngest of the 13 dwarfs.


Weapons: Mace, Bolas, and Sword.


Weapons: Fleshing Knives, Staff, Goblin Cutlass, Punch Dagger, Shield, and Regal Mace.


Weapons: Knife, Slingshot, Regal Dwarven Axe, and Dwarven Axe.

@ZUCULUZ, @D00K13, and @JACKDUB are also brothers with @D00k13 being the eldest, and the strongest of the three.


Weapons: Battle-Knife, Fighting Staff, Shield, and Erebor Regal Sword.


Weapons: Throwing Axe, Walking Axe, Lake-Town Axe & Sword, and Hunting Knives.


Weapons: Boar Spear, Knife, Dwarven Axe, and Goblin Sword.


Weapons: Axe, Dirk, Mattock, and Regal War Hammer.


Weapons: Regal Dwarf Flail, Roasting-Fork, Iron Ladle, and Cleaver Knife.


Weapons: Axe, Orcrist, and Thror's Regal Sword & Shield.

They demand refreshments while they make themselves at home by eating his food, drinking his wine, smashing his plates, and smoking his @cannabis.

@Elliot, "Relax hobbit, you can get some more."

The Wizard, dwarves, and @Bundo have a super smoke sesh and sing songs well into the night. The dwarves are seeking a grand treasure that's buried under a mountain; however, it's guarded by an evil dragon. The group's leader @HerbnCrypto addresses the stoners, including @Bundo, whom he calls his friend, reminding the group, the next day they are embarking on a perilous journey, which there may be no return.

@HerbnCrypto, You may never see Middle @Cannabis Earth ever again."

@Bundo, who had no plans to join the quest, becomes scared and faints. When he awakes, he learns that @Elliot had advertised his services as a master-thief, which was the meaning behind the mark on the door, hoping the dwarves would have recruited him. @Bundo decides to embark on the community's quest, mostly out of his hobbit-pride because the dwarves do not believe in his abilities.

@Bundo, "I can steal anything, I'll show you fools of a took!"

@Elliot takes out a map drawn by Thror, @HerbnCrypto's grandfather, that reveals the hidden location of the treasure. The Wizard points to a secret passageway marked on the map and gives @HerbnCrypto the key to it.

@HerbnCrypto tells the group about his ancestors who lived in a vast wealth under the great mountain near @ZPZN until @Vaped the Dragon invaded @ZPZN and forced the dwarves out of their kingdom and took control of the treasure.


The group decides to rest with big plans for an early wake-n-bake to start their journey. @Bundo asks about the details of the adventure as @Alibi rips a loud gurgling fart, and everyone takes cover as he falls asleep dreaming about his unexpected adventure.



Please stay tuned for chapter 2, Roast Mutton and chapter 3, A Short Rest.


Compliments of @CHIPANDA

#TheHobbit #Cannabis #StayMedicated

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