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Greenleaves forest 😆🌿🌿
Amazing 👍


Glad you saw that! :)

Each time I read your works I pull and entirely different idea of context based on the name references for characters and story of the actual show... lol I just went and rewatched the movie 😅 just letting my imagination run wild!


You wait, @D00k13 has an important role coming up in the next chapter! A good part of this first post was rewritten after most people read it because of the sources I pulled my information from where wrong! I had to re-watch the movie myself, so the next post is going to have most of this one and the second part. Gonna be a bit though, got a ton a paid jobs to write. Thanks, @D00k13. P.S. I still haven't received an email for Groot's account? 2 weeks now waiting???


I would assume ongoing scrutiny based on previous concerns 😉 if you are on discord DM me ... d00k13#5396 👌 I will see what I can do.