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The Guardians of the Galaxy is a production of Marvel Comics and is being rewritten by @WRITER43 exclusively for the community as a work of fiction. All characters, incidents, places, and names are products of actual community members, Marvel Comics, and @WRITER43's baked imagination. Any similarities to locales and events are entirely fictitious and for purposes only!


This interactive GIF-Book is dedicated to @Darian the Accuser -'s Most Hated Smoker.





Inside the walls of the @Grahamsvorten Prison, the other prisoners, aware of @Techosgirl's relationship with @Acid and @Darian the Accuser, threaten her life. @Dargonx0x the Destroyer also attempts to kill @Tecnosgirl for the murders of his daughter and wife issued by @Darian the Accuser, but @Relaylogix tells him not to because she is the best way to find's Most Hated Smoker.


@Dargonx0x, "I am not butthurt, and I'm all set on the dicks bro, but I will fucking kill you!

@Tecnosgirl informs the group of her betrayal to @Darian the Accuser and how she stole the very valuable Bitcoin Bong. She does not like his attitude or fascination with nuts and butts, deeming him a risk to the stability of the @Cannabis Galaxy. Learning that @Tecnosgirl has a Buyer who is offering 120,000 BTC for the Bitcoin Bong, @Tecnosgirl, @Relaylogix, @Rocket, @Dargonx0x, and @Groot devise a plan to escape the @Grahamsvorten, but their talks are interrupted as they are escorted down to booking.

Meanwhile, @LordofTruth returns to planet @D00k13, summoning reinforcements in order to re-steal the Bitcoin Bong and kill both @Darian and @GettingHigh. Upon entering his crib, he discovers a gift from his lost and one love @Indaymers. In her will, she bestowed her entire harvest of @cannabis to him. Although affected, he pulls out his @Elemental rolling papers and smokes a giant spliff and waste no time enlisting the services of his younger brother @Elliot the UnderTaker and his oldest son @Alibi the Joker.


@Elliot, "I will bury them deep in their graves."


@Alibi, "Actually, that's quite hilarious, getting pistol-whipped by a woman!"

Learning of @Tecnosgirl's betrayal, the Most Hated Smoker @Darian is livid and goes on a rampage by posting a series of homophobic images in an attempt to discredit the black market dealer @Indica and the Batman Plagiarism Investigator @Unnamed; however, both curators are unaffected and lower his Reputation score to a 10. Being such good sports, they also send him a special message and a box of edible Moose Turds from the Brown Nugget.


Befuddled, @Darian the Accuser turns his anger toward the intergalactic warlord @Acid and scolds him for not taking @Tecnosgirl's betrayal seriously. When the Other steps in and berates @Darian for disrespecting the Warlord, @Darian snaps his neck like a dried @cannabis branch, forcing @Acid to speak to him directly. Undaunted by his tactics, @Acid silences the Most Hated Smoker by displaying his Galactic Powers and launching a battery of heavy artillery into the galaxy.



@Acid turns back to face @Darian the Accuser and informs @Darian about his disappointment with @Tecnosgirl's betrayal and entrust both @Darian and @GettingHigh to fix the problem; however, if he fails him again and returns empty-handed without the Bitcoin Bong, he will experience a very bad case of Butthurt for Infinity and from Behind.

@Acid, "FYI. They're made with Infinity-Batteries - they never stop fucking assholes like you!"

Back at the interstellar prison, @Relaylogix and his band of allies, accompanied by @Dargonx0x, escape the @Grahamsvorten by distracting the guards and disabling the prison's artificial gravity system. They steal a space ship and head toward the top-secret planet @Greenleaves where fugitives are known to hide under its protective canopy, so @Tecnosgirl can make contact with her Buyer.

@Writer43, "I am Groot."

Shortly after arrival, @Dargonx0x and @Rocket both get severely @vaped and get into a fight after @Dargonx0x insults @Rocket's small appearance and squirrel-sized nuts. @Rocket becomes very defensive and tells the big loof that he knows nothing about the life he was forced to endure. @Rocket grabs a local prostitute and walks away mad while checking his Rockethood.

@Rocket, "Squirrel nuts?"

@Dargonx0x also walks away furious while the rest of the allies are summoned to meet with @Alexsandr, the Great Collector and @Tecnosgirl's secret Buyer. When they hand the Bitcoin Bong over to the Buyer, he opens a secret compartment and reveals an Infinity Stone, a stone so powerful with the ability to destroy all but who wields it.

@Alexsandr informs the group that the stone is part of six singularities that predate the @Cannabis Galaxy and combined, their power is too much for one being to wield; therefore, according to legend, all others were inevitably destroyed.

@Acid, "That's what fools believe."


Please stayed tuned for Part Three!

If you missed part 1, you can get caught up by clicking the link below.




#Guardians-of-the-Cannabis-Galaxy #Cannabis #Stay-Medicated

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Happy as you injected "The Undertaker" & "The Joker" as my request.
It is the time to pass away to follow @Indaymers as I miss her!


Hahaha.... the galactic battle for the Bitcoin Bong is getting serious now.
@lordoftruth, you can´t die just yet, you have to get that Bitcoin Bong first and bring it to a safer place...


Yes, the stakes just got higher!


Not yet, you will have to die another day:D


So sad, as I have to wait and I start to feel useless.


Waiting to die has that effect:)

That is brilliant and the fun is getting intense and laughing out loud with the destroyer thingy and I do really like my skin.
Btw, @indaymers is just around so @lordoftruth has nothing to miss, she just sent me a message to read this post and told me that I'm heavily vaped and turned out to be violent ash-blue. hahaha...
keep it up!


I'm glad you like your character and laughing is what it's all about. I thought the introduction of @Dargonx0x the Destroyer was dope. This is kinda what I'm known for here on smoke. I like to rewrite movies and use the community members as its cast. It started with taking on The Lord of the Rings - all three books, and then The Hobbit. Both were a huge undertaking, then I took a break to work on my own book, which is going slow because I write for a living, so I can only afford to play so much, but being accused of being some one else is what motivated me to stop writing my book and let this dude know he was wrong! I see @Indaymers ghost is alive and well! LOL


Well [email protected] 's ghost will always be around to guide all her beloved and motivate them to secure the Bitcoin Bong.


Your ghost is watching over the group:) The quest is more about the Infinity Stone now and not the Bitcoin Bong,


I know the feeling of being wrongly accused, along with @indaymers and the rest of our friends in our first months here we were in your shoes, I admire your superb writing creativity its really impressive.


Thanks bro, I appreciate that. Unfortuantely, I have to take a break for a few days to pay the bills, but hopefully part 3 will be done this weekend:) Smoke on:D

Well played...I’m diggin this latest saga!


Thanks bro, it is coming out rather sweet!

Love these stories great way to keep entertained during lunch.


Entertaining they are! I'm glad you like it! LOL


I had lunch by myself today went and order my favorite off menu item at a local restaurant. And normally I don't go there by myself. So today's issue gave me something to read as I ate. I kept laughing outloud throughout the read. Glad to see you taking time to post a new smoke universe story and that some good is coming out of the negativity. Way to shut up a hater.


I don't have anything against the guy other than the fact that he accused me of being @Skylinebuds, which I'm not, I am @Groot:) But I do want to thank @Darian the Accuser for inspiring and providing me with a wealth of current information to write this hilarious story:)

Hello @writer43,
Thank you for mentioning me in your movie.
I stuck to the screen for half an hour. Interesting job.


My fans, those who vote for me, and even those who accuse me of being someone else always get priority! There is only one @Writer43! Your welcome and thank you:D