The Lord of The Cannabis Rings - Book 1, Chapter 2:

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The Lord of The Cannabis Rings is based on J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Fellowship of the Ring," and it's solely written for the community as a work of fiction. The actual chapters are condensed into a smaller format (cliff note-style)for easier understanding(The first half of each book is chapter 1, and the second half is chapter 2). All characters, incidents, places, and names are products of actual community members, J.R.R. Tolkien, and @WRITER43's baked imagination. Any similarities to locales and events are entirely fictitious and for purposes only:)

WARNING!!! If you haven't read the first chapter to this series, it's imperative that you do so now! Then come back here, pack another bong, roll a spliff or break out the dab rigs and get ready for an entertaining and action-packed community's quest.

The Lord of the Cannabis Rings - Chapter One

To the community members who voted and commented on the first chapter, you're the reason why I decided to write this chapter ahead of schedule!!!




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The cave of @Unnamed provides much-needed safety and shelter after the horrifying experience of the Erdpurt Forest. When young @Plug questions @Unnamed about his dislikes for rabbits, he stops smoking his pipe-weed and tells the young hobbit, it's just not the rabbits, but it's their holes he especially hates and not to ever mention rabbits again.

When @Raz lets @Unnamed take the ring, @Unnamed makes the ring disappear instead of the other way around. Annoyed, @Raz puts the ring on; however, @Unnamed is unaffected and tells the hobbit to stop playing games. @Unnamed sends the young hobbits north along the Barrowdowns, but the Alien Fire OG that @Unnamed gave them proved to be superior cannabis.

@Raz and @Plug quickly became stoned out of their minds, lose their bearings, and find safety on a mountain top.

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One night during their journey, a wight captures @Raz, and he wakes up to discover he's inside the barrow where the wight is preparing to murder his unconscious friends. Desperate and terrified, @Raz draws upon unexpected resources, singing the nonsense song that @Unnamed gave them and attacking the wight.

Once again, @Unnamed comes to the hobbits rescue and breaks open the barrow. He takes knives from the wight's hoard, gives one to each hobbit, leads them to the road where it is safe, and takes their pipe-weed away from them.


When they reach The @Smokeasaurusrex Inn, @Raz uses the name @HerbnCrypto as a disguise, following the wizard @Psyceratopsb's advice. Enjoying himself while watching an Elven budtender named @Jessica mix a magic smoke-potion called "smotion" for a rowdy stoner known to the locals as @Zuculuz who's sitting at the next table with a giant bong, he draws unwanted attention to himself when he takes a bong hit of the smotion, inadvertently puts the Ring on, and disappears in front of the crowd.

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@Carpediem the Ranger, apparently seems to know who @Raz really is and the secret he carries; follows them back to their room and warns the hobbits that the Black @EasyRider Knights will soon hear about @Raz's disappearing act and offers to be their wilderness guide.


While the hobbits smoke some milder pipe-weed imported from @DankofAmerica, discuss his offer, and how upset they are about his rough appearance. The innkeeper @Relaylogix arrives with a letter from @Psyceratopsb that's two weeks late. The letter informs @Raz to exit the Shire immediately and identifies @Carpediem as a mutual friend who can be trusted.

Unexpectedly, @JoeSmoke bursts into the room with the news that a Black @EasyRider Knight is in town. They decide to not stay in their rooms and got the fuck-out-of-dodge.

Later that night, the Black @EasyRider Knights simultaneously ransacked @Raz's room at The @Smokeasaurusrex Inn and his home at G-Bomb End. In the early hours of the morning, the hobbits discover that all of the horses have been let out of their stables.

They finally manage to buy a half-baked pony, whom @Plug calls @Stoner, to haul the nugs they scored in town, and they set off with the Ranger. After traveling @offgrid through fields of hybrid cannabis and magic mushrooms, they come to the destroyed watchtower on Weathertop.

@Carpediem discovers evidence that @Psyceratopsb may have reached the area before them, but he's not certain?

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Later that night, five Black @EasyRider Knights ambush them at their hillside camp. As they approach, @Raz feels compelled to put the Ring on his finger, too terrified and tripping his balls off from the magic mushrooms, he put it on and can not see the Black @EasyRider Knights clearly.

The Ringwraiths seem to be robed men who are armed with silver knives. @Raz calls the name of Elberth and attacks their leader, but he's stabbed with a knife in the shoulder. Struck by a deathly incantation as well as the knife, he somehow manages to remove the Ring before he faints.

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With @Raz wounded, the Black @EasyRider Knights allow themselves to be driven away. @Carpediem treats the injury with Hindu Kush, an exotic landrace strain known to have healing powers. He also knows that @Raz must be taken to Rivendell as soon as possible because the knife that injured him has an evil enchantment that only the Elven Lord @Ufaz can dispel; however, it's a two-week journey to Rivendell.

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Although @Raz is riding @stoner, the half-baked pony, he's becoming weaker by the day. At last, they return to the road where they meet @LordofTruth, an elf-lord historian sent to search for them. As they draw near to the Ford of Bruinen at the boundary line of Rivendell, five Black @EasyRider Knights approach from behind while four of the knights try to cut off @Raz's escape.

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@Raz passes the Ford just barely ahead of the Nine. They shout out for his surrender as he feels the urgency of their wills against his own. Nonetheless, he defies them, and they guide their horses into the water.

A magical flood rises against this bold invasion of Lord @Ufaz's territory. @Raz watches as it carries the Black @EasyRiders away, and he slips into a state of unconsciousness while the Witch of Mordor @Mayb watches him from the dark shadows in her overseeing and blazing witch ball.

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Note from @WRITER43:

This story is dedicated to my fans, and it's a long trilogy and huge undertaking. I appreciate your support and encouragement to finish the series. If you would like to be injected into the story or have an idea or suggestion for upcoming series, hit me up in the comments. Additionally, I want to give credit to @Carpediem for coming up with the magic smoke potion he called "smotion."

Stay tuned for Book 2, Chapter 1, Rivendell to Moria - The Two Towers.

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