Stats on Some Questions from a Newbie.

7 months ago

Hello Smokers!

I am new to the site, and have some questions.

How many members and regular posters are there on  How many new members join a month?

What is the price of 1 Smoke Coin?

What future projects are in work on the  network?  Games?  dApps?  

How will look in a year?

Where are the initiatives?   With cannabis being legalized around the world, are we seeing an uptick in enrollment into the Smoke Network?

Thanks!  I am very excited about this place.  

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Some of the witnesses are doing the statistics, it may not be often but from time to time the list (statistics) is being updated. A lot of smoke users are also on twitter posting and retweeting post and news on the latest development on

@indica has a site called where he features smoke authors and their post.. he is the most active and generous curator of please check it if you haven´t done so.

@unnamed is also very active on the network... you can ask him a lot of questions and he will gladly reply to them. He is also on twitter and updating account there.

@acid, @stash, @raz, @joesmoke, @plug, @elliot, @lordoftruth, @herbncrypto are just few of big curators who manually curate good contents of users here.

I am sure a lot of users will reply to your questions. Cheers!


Thanks for the information.


You´re welcome... my pleasure!

I've got more than 70 authors on my site from resmoking users on here, so theres a good amount of people who frequently post their series of content.

Ideally there would be more users posting & joining, but I'm sure the network will continue growing.

You can see the price on my site:

Don't know about people building on the network, people doing experiments here and there & we're awaiting the road map based changes.

In a years time I'd hope we would be meeting some of the road map, but I'm seeing growth on my site so more users and more content by next year sounds good to me.

Amount users is around 8k but active i think maybe 10 that post.

Price 1 smokes is around 0.005 usd

As far I am aware not much dev is going on atm with smoke but I am not kept up to date like I once was so they could have more going on now.


Thanks. Is it trending up or down for user engagement?


Trending up.

Hell yeah looks like you got some awesome answers