Introducing myself :)

6 months ago

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Good morning Everyone, I am new on this platform and if I am here it is because I wanted to taste new things, new platform and for the simple interest of learning something more about this topic.

I am quite sure there will be so much to learn about it and I have started checking someone posts, in the trending session and leaving some comment.

If you recognised my nickname from Steemit, yes I am the same webdeals from there :) I believe it is quite original as nickname and I loved it. I don't want keep you reading too much of my post but I wanted to introduce myself before keeping commenting other posts that having only a 25 as reputation, well I think I will feel ignored at the beginning :)

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Welcome to the smoke community. We wish you a great time here.

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Toke on!


thank you :) I will definitely do it!

Welcome to smoke! Everyone is still a low rep here since it is so young.


thank you armshippie :) so it is a cool thing :) I would like to grow together with the rest of you but I don't feel I have so much to give you if not reading and commenting your posts

Yes, we like you.
Welcome to the smoke community.


heyyy thanks mate :) good to see you :)

Hi @webdeals, welcome to the family. Enjoy your stay 👍


thank you @jessica :) really appreciate it

I don't think you will be ignored, but you will have to see It for yourself.


thank you @psyceratopsb it is cool we can grow up all together :)

High there bud!

We are always happy to meet like-minded people that try to bring value to this platform by posting cannabis related material. We hope you will be one of them and we will try to support you in doing so as much as we can. On the other hand, unrelated content will not get that big of a attention. Plagiarism will be flagged. Hope you understand why we do this.

If you don't have any inspiration in doing so for posts engage with the commenting on other people posts, what you liked about them, what are your thoughts...

This is always more beneficial than posting off-topic content or crossposting, for you and for the whole platform.

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hi there :) first of all thanks for checking my post! I have a very high reputation on Steemit and this is not because I have used bot to upvote me but only because I am genuine.
Said so.. any content will have the source detail because it is important let other people know where I get the info from or photos from.
My intention is to grow together with all of you and not acting in a bad way.

I will mainly comment posts or write about cannabis previous having had a read about few topics. I believe that this platform needs writers and readers otherwise what is the sense of having this platform? :) I will be one of the commenter one and this will slow my growth but at least will be a genuine one!


Amazing reply, just the kind of people we need here. Especially the attitude about cannabis.

Check the whitepaper, there are a lot of ideas, one would be for dispensaries and dispatch of products through blockchain.


thank you! I will check it now that I have finished working!