Smoke analysis at the technical level

6 months ago

Hello friend today I will analyze the graphic technical level of smoke.

For this we will see in temporality of 1 day


Our EMA of 9 and EMA 20 I use it to measure in what trend we go and as a market level this bassist, the RSI tells me that this level of oversold, the ADX that I love to use the measure force this means that it can be a puno where now Found in a resistance and there is accumulation to change the upward trend that at least I estimate reach the point of support 0.55

This is my personal analysis that you personally provide if you accumulate.

Note: This is not a financial advisory, it is only personal analysis, you are free to make your own decisions

Now I would like to ask you when to the fundamental that news you know about smoke shares in the comments that I would love to read and learn from you also friend smoker

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I usually tend to go for the longterm trading rather then day to day. That is easier, and you can predict it more accurately. The day to day prediction can be very technical and difficult in deed.

Where is the best place to see the price of smoke over time?

It's worth also keeping an eye on the rudex.smoke token on the Bitshares DEX since it's deposited tokens rather than unredeemed ico tokens.

Excellent observation, I use the token on the network because it has more history, but for my next analysis will use Rudex because as you say is redeemable token