Vaultec: witness announcement

2 years ago

High smoke.
I decided to start a witness. Looking forward to working with the smoke community and improving smoke.

About me

I'm a crypto/P2P enthusiast and active developer.
Currently i have been working on an decentralized IPFS backup library for
I want to work on smoke dtube integration sometime in the future. I have been talking with @graylan about the idea. Still a lot of planning, but it will happen eventually.
(Ill be going in to much more detail in future posts wink wink)
Anyhow, Happy to be working with the smoke community!

Setup details

  • Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS
  • i3-4170 CPU @ 3.70GHz
  • 20GB of ram
  • 2TB HDD

My internet connection maybe an issue in the future, i want to transfer over to a more reliable cloud server that can host high bandwidth applications.
I also want to provide a public API to interface with the blockchain. I'm researching the possibility of doing so, i have to ensure it doesn't open up my smoke node to vulnerabilities. I will take the majority of the revenue and invest it directly into my witness.
I really want to help the community grow by providing public free services.
If you want to DM me come find me on discord.
Onelove Dtube discord or on discord

I provide an IPFS gateway:


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Congrats on the witness. Great work on the IPFS bot!

and friend of @graylan is a friend of mine, also a dtube supporter and community builder and now your fellow witness, welcome to the team my friend! smoke it up!!

You're to the team @vaultec, really glad you made it here and we are looking forward for more from you bro. 🌿❣️

Voted! Glad to have you here as a witness :)

Welcome and congrats with getting your witness up and running @vaultec. 😉 Do you have a backup witness server set up yet?


I will be setting up a cloud server as my backup if necessary.

Congrats on the Witness, Glad to see more and more joining

What made you decide to come to smoke?

Some of those VPS providers can be pretty good and avoid AWS or DigitalOcean as the costs are just too much.