Permanente v0.2 TODO: Formal Project Announcement; Overview

2 years ago

^Am i allowed to use my profile picture multiple times in a post??


First of all, i did not make an official announcement of Permanente, so i will do some sort of announcement here.
I have been working on a backup project for a few weeks now. Though i haven't exactly posted much.
I stated in my witness announcement that i have been working on a decentralized DTube IPFS backup library. So here it is. Trust me keep reading it will include something that has to do with smoke trust me..

Permanente is my attempt at creating a universal application/library that DAPPs on either smoke or steem can interface with. Allowing any DAPPs to interact/backup DTube videos. The idea is having people operate server with plenty of storage, then have contracts be created on the blockchain. Lets say a content creator wants a video to be stored for a good period of time (Lets say 4 months). A list of available contracts exists on the blockchain from various storage seller. A content creator can choose a contract and pay the rate per day of storage for the total amount of days. The seller will lock onto the CC and automatically store videos the CC uploads. Permanente's ultimate goal is handling of these operations, making it simple for people to use while also advanced at its core. I could go into tons of detail about the inner workings, but... that would take way too long.

Now what the hell does this have to do with smoke?

Well.. A lot of things. Me and a group of people DtubeArmy ( @vladivostok, @graylan, i think @techcoderx ) are starting to work on project to make Dtube become a cross blockchain application, more details on that in the future. I want an amazing blockchain based video site and hopefully it will come to smoke in the coming future. I played around with the idea of a smoke version of steepshot. Which would be very interesting since a lot of it is IPFS and could be compatible with future version of permanente. Future version that aren't just focused on videos and have a more broader view. So come join us at Dtube Army discord.
... i'm getting way ahead of myself aren't i. Probably speaking nonsense at this point haha.
My whole goal in this is to support the content creator. Since they make everything we watch and see. I want to give back a little with technology that can empower and guide. I'm honestly so excited to see what the future has to offer. What we can create and form together. Y'all in discord need to stop fighting...

v0.2 TODO Announcement

Yes the boring part.


Original TODO commit
This is what i have planned out for v0.2 So far
More items will be added.

  • All the different methods for API, add video, remove video, list, searching, my videos. (Data structures for efficient wrapping needed)
  • Error handling for API.
  • Error handling/Debug mode for bot.
  • General debugging/logging capability
  • Proper API connection handling, ID, Error codes, Error messages
  • Proper API wrapper, Data structures, Less clutter... Clean up from library research.
  • Major code clean up
  • A few new methods getting ready for v0.3 (searching database operations, authentication for API)
    v0.3 Maybe:
  • Overall config handling, saving, loading, etc
  • Command line arguments... v0.3 (EXE wrapper?? Plug and play)
    My planned release date is hopefully sometime on Saturday or Sunday morning.
    I'm not really sure why i choose smoke over steem for a post, i was planning to do a witness update, but i decided to sit on that one.
  • Some huge project design changes..


Since i'm a witness now i would appreciate and love your vote as a witness.
I provide a public IPFS gateway:
and also a public smoke API:
I would love to continue work on future projects, Public services and supporting the network, giving me your vote helps me accomplish this goal.
#permanente #DtubeArmy #technology #p2p

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I am not an IT person but the way you described this Permanent project and the way it sounds, I think there is a huge potential.. upsmoked, resmoked and voted for your witness.

Permanente bot sounds epic, How about some more infor on the smokeshot app as I see that having huge potential with Instagram people moving over to smoke.

I see huge potential for the Permanent bot. Great work.


I think this will be a great bot in the near future. Upsmoke , resmoke and voted you as witness. Keep it up man!!

just voted you as witness, keep us updated always and stay awesome.

Keep up the great work!!!