WIP: Unofficial FAQ for Smoke

2 years ago

When people join platforms like Smoke, Steem, Whaleshares, EOS and others, they always have many questions. Most online platforms have a FAQ, or “knowledge base” to answer the most common asked questions. On decentralized platforms that’s often not the case.

The Smoke blockchain does have a basic, but solid, documentation which answers some of the main questions people may have.

But, everyone does often have more questions and some of those keep popping up in our feeds. Helpful community we are we keep answering them. Because the Smoke members are awesome like that.

In order to help with the initial onboarding process and also have an easy location to refer people to, I have started working at a basic “Unofficial Smoke FAQ” which is geared mostly at new members. An additional location to ease the onboarding process.

The Goal

The unofficial FAQ is not meant to be the ultimate destination answering every single question. The unofficial FAQ is not meant to be the super detailed location for devs and platform mechanics nitty-gritty.

The goal is to provide an easy platform covering the main topics and answer the most common early stage questions one could have.

The Method

Provide a limited amount of topics, to avoid making things too complicated and keep the onboarding process/learning curve as simple as possible.

Answer the 30-40 most common questions in simple TL;DR form. Basic explainers we can easily link when somebody wonders how to add an image to posts. Or somebody wants to know how to add a profile picture to their account. When somebody wants to know why their upsmoke keeps getting lower?

The Sections

Currently the “frame” of the #FAQ contains the following categories. Feel free to suggest different categories, discuss the existing ones, etc.

  1. Getting Started
    1.1 Account
    1.2 Posting
    1.3 Wallet
    1.4 Security

  2. “Advanced”
    2.1 Smoke mechanics
    2.2 For businesses
    2.3 Informative Articles to read

The General categories are obvious. In the advanced section expect small intros to topics such as VP, where to check your VP, curation, the SMOKE distribution, etc. As well as links to great articles written around those topics.

Because we are going to use a not Smoke blockchain based platform we will be able to constantly update the topics and keep expanding especially the links section.

The How?

I am [for now] using a “help desk” platform, also because it provides free “community” (forums) features. In the “community” section people can easily ask more questions, questions which can then be considered to be listed in the KB, or answered by the community members. Or serve as reference.

The advantage of using a Knowledge Base platform is that it allows us to categorize content and provide an easier interface and user experience than when everything is posted to a Smoke @faq account. Feeds are generally not a great user experience to find information in.

The platform I will use offers 3 free “Agent” accounts. That is sufficient to get started and even allows us to work at things with multiple contributors. If at a later stage we want to expand the platform, we can easily look into alternative options, maybe even selfhost a Knowledge base platform. Obviously, Zendesk would be a much more favorable option but Zendesk comes at a steep cost and the goal is not to provide an official “help desk”. Zendesk also has a “kitchen sink of features”.

Consider this a MVP for now.


I have a solid amount of questions already, they vary from simple to advanced.

But before going further ahead and populate the Smoke FAQ with what I think are the most important (popular?) questions, I want to ask the community, new and old, what are the questions you would like to see answered?

It would be stupid to assume that one person only can come up with the corpus of most important questions. We need you for this.

Not every question will be entered to the KB. Some may be considered beyond the scope of “early stage onboarding”. Depending on the amount of questions, and difficulty of some, we can later consider expanding the platform but always remember that if there’s too many categories and topics... nobody ain’t got time for that. Nobody browses through a trove of 500+ questions.

We make the onboarding of new members as complicated or simple as we want.



Nobody, NOBODY likes voluntarily writing a FAQ/KB. It’s boring, it’s dry, it’s... a chore. It’s something best given to professional content writers but they do not necessarily know Smoke or the mechanics. I target 2-4 questions per day.

The goal is to release the core volume of FAQ topics within the next 10-15 days. ⏰

The Stage is Yours

Help make the best possible FAQ we can now and submit your suggested questions in the comments.

Update: added category 2.2 (for businesses)

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A good initiative. Obviously the first faq that comes to mind is;
-How do I post pictures?

Others I had and found answers to;
-How does vp work on smoke.io?
-How does curation work here?
-Is there a vote calculator?
-Is there something like steemd.com for smoke.io?
-Who are the witness?

I'll update if I think of others...


Other one: Where can i see my voting power?


Thanks. That was one of the first ones I answered. Since it was in my recent VP/Voting 101 post. ;)

Thanks for the suggestion tho. 🦇


Thanks. I didn’t think of the vote calculator one. 👌

The others are in some form or the other in the FAQ already, although hint less at pre-existing [Steem] knowledge. ;)

Hello! he knows the unofficial FAQ. It's a very good idea. I leave you some questions, I hope they are helpful. By the way! Could you collaborate in the translation of this faq? I would translate it into Spanish for possible new uasuaries. Always mentioning and linking to the original publication. :)

. What is the difference between smoke.network and Smoke.io? (I know, but people can understand that it's the same)
. How does Smoke.io work?
. How to grow in Smoke.io?
. How to create an account?
. Can I delete or deactivate an account? . . How to vote and comment on a publication?
. How to see my rewards?
. How to buy and sell SMOKE?
. How to change the profile image? . .What can users post in Smoke.io?
. In how many ways can you be rewarded?
. How to add photos and videos to publication?
. How to use the tags?
. Markdown?
. How often can you publish?


Thanks for the questions, @green-der. Some great ones I didn’t yet have. 👌

Some are covered in the docs already as well. Obviously I had not thought of several. Will have to prioritize topics to keep it KISS. :D

Of course, translations are absolutely welcome. Will forward you as soon as there’s a workable body/structure (finished section). 🦇

I just want to get the “core” out.

Currently I have around 35 questions but thought it was smarter to also get everyone’s questions.

Around 20 have been answered already (but not yet proofread).

The FAQs section is always a must for all kind of platforms. Though most of the users here seems to have used platforms like this before and have an idea of how things work but still its always good to have a FAQs section to help the newbies.


It’s not the aim that we are “just another the same” and keep attracting ONLY users from “the other side”. :D

So yes, the FAQ is geared especially at newbies who don’t know the other platforms.

Did you have any questions to be considered though. I do know why I’ve bust my nuts on it for a week already. For new users. ;)

Couldn't think of many that weren't already mentioned, but here they go:
-What does a number beside username mean? (rep)
-What does the "match" button under someone's post do? (resmoke)


Got them. Thanks, z3ll!

Nice initiative @unnamed, firstly i have seen people asked what the greenish cannabis flower that has 0.00 beside is lol,
How to send smoke to another user, how to setup your profile and how to make a post(uploading image using tags) i think this are the first things a newbie needs to know. I really love this idea, keep up the good work. Will add more if i remember any later.


Thanks for those questions, @jessica. I knew there was something about that 0.00 thingamingy I hadn’t yet thought of! 😐

Here’s a teaser for you. Find the “answer”. Because you asked so nicely. 🤓


@unnamed Have you included.....Q. where can i see how many upvotes i have left today?


Yes, that’s the “where to check VP” question.

But don’t ask me which one I have included. Post all your questions you would like to see answered.

I purposely didn’t post a list of 30+ questions because it distracts away from me asking you for your questions. Then the focus becomes “did he have this one already” and you may forget your second or, worse even, think “that list looks pretty complete”.

Gimme dose questions. 🦇

Good idea. Wish I would have had something like this when I started.

Great idea to reduce future traffic of the same questions on smoke. I still need to read up some more ,as a new member.

I think this a great idea. It will help lower people's uncertainty about why and what to do here. I personally have no question that came to me now. If I think of some I will message you on discord to not spam age old posts with new comments.