Two Days to Go for #TrippyContest2

10 months ago

A quick reminder that there’s still two days for #TrippyContest2 with as main prize 250SMOKE for the winner. Also a reminder to those who may have friends who want to participate as TrippyContest2 also includes a referral price of 25-50SMOKE for ranking participants.

The Brief

You are elected rep, in a coalition government. You have campaigned on approval of recreational use. Today is the final reading in the House and the law is expected to narrowly pass.

Before the final vote takes place, you have to plead in its favor one more time... just one issue: you are high as a kite.

You can find all details here.



While I wasn’t entirely convinced about the brief - finding creative topics for [writing] contests has proven a bigger challenge than I thought - the whole idea of #TrippyContest was to create an inclusive contest which was open to everyone and every format: art, vlogs, podcasts, comics, and essays. You think of it, we accept the contribution.

The reason for this was because not everyone lives in a legal area and can thus contribute, or wants to contribute, to nugporn or grow contests. At the same time, as also mentioned in the content guidelines, longform content is very appreciated by Google and SEO is still one of the most important funnels to bring members. In this social era even an often underestimated funnel, which is why we focus mostly on a written contest every month.

“[They] agreed that it was neither possible nor necessary to educate people who never questioned anything.”
― Joseph Heller, Catch-22

As a “lean methodology” adept, it is important to constantly challenge oneself, not come with assumptions but rely on data and the data is clear: the community at this point is too small to organize such [fiction] contests. This means that next month’s #CannaWeednessContest will be different.

CannaWeednessContest3 Teaser

Looking at the creations contributed to the Smoke blockchain day after day, we note that there’s a lot of promotional designs submitted. This is not surprising, unsolicited designs are often an accessible creation to many and those who followed Steem in the early days have seen that as well, just like followers have noticed weeks and weeks of unsolicited logo and media kits etc etc submitted, ad vitam eternam pretty much.

Banner by @mbj

Personally, I’m a big fan of art, especially when it comes to the written word Dadaism and Surrealism, as well as movies. While I personally don’t want to demotivate any designer and look forward to more art contributions, at this point the Smoke blockchain tends to be slightly flooded with promotional banners.

That also because promotion via banners is not as easy as it seems: the “promise” needs to be backed up. The best campaigns tend to tell a story.

I have noticed two great trends in those promo collaterals though. First of all is that more and more designers have switched away from the “get paid” part. Which, of course, I can but applaud.

Thank you for understanding the reasoning and also thank you to the smoke members who have also promoted that evolution.

Another great thing I have noticed in the marketing collaterals submitted every day is a focus on the message “learn about cannabis”. One of the core pillars of what the smoke blockchain has as goal: to promote the healthy elements of the plant we love so dearly and destigmatize the topic.

Sadly though, when looking at current contributions every day... there isn’t much submitted to learn about cannabis in the daily feed.

Which is a Catch-22 situation: we promote that people can learn about cannabis here and then when they visit us they find no educational content or barely any.

So in the next few contests by @CannaWeedness the brief will be focused more on those topics. Again, the contests will be open to all type of formats and leave freedom to the creator. This will also allow non-smokers to continue to participate. Our contests should stay inclusive!

But rather than being topically creative, they will be more catered to topics the blockchain could benefit from in #educational element. Also because that will help the site both in SEO and it will be valuable content to promote.

And it will give people what we promote in marketing collaterals. :D

TrippyContest2 Deadline Coming Closer!

Get those submissions in! There’s still 500SMOKE to be earned for participants and up to 250SMOKE for those who bring new members to the community and #TrippyContest2! You have until Monday midnight, little more than two days from now on still.

Get those fingers working!

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