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2 years ago

We all want this platform, this blockchain, to succeed and grow a large userbase of cannabis loving members. Sadly enough, as a small community, that is a difficult task.

A difficult task because everyone who starts a new site wants to do the same: get lots and lots of traffic. Of course, has several awesome assets as DPOS/graphene blockchain. Which also gives us lots of awesome and diversified content created by members.

Shareworthy content. Content which may find appreciation on other platforms too. Without constantly needing to revert to the “get paid” element.


Here’s some platforms to consider when trying to promote in a more “stealth way”, using the awesome content which is posted to the Smoke blockchain.

Some of you may have noticed that occasionally I share Smoke content on Twitter. When I share content, I only share content which I think may interest people and they may click on. I approach any social platform I share content on the same way: share high quality content which may work on that platform.

I even don’t always share my own content, that’s how selective I am when sharing!

But most of all, all those efforts are long term. I don’t target any instant, or short, traffic spikes from those. Instead, they are part of profile building and/or filling a platform with sufficient content which links back to Smoke.

Low Hanging Fruits

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is a dream for people who love photos. At the same time, for many (fashion) ecommerce sites, and also popular food sites as well as infographics, it is one of the major traffic drivers. Because an image can easily go viral in the community and be “repinned” thousands of times. Pins can also come from old content and revive great articles.

Cannabis already has a degree of popularity on Pinterest and with the huge amount of #nugporn shared on the Smoke blockchain, we should all regularly great nugs on Pinterest. Especially because every image shared on Pinterest links back to the Smoke post it was shared from.

As grows, we can easily populate Pinterest with thousands and thousands of cannabis related images, all with a link back to Pinterest sharing is a long time effort but can become a vital component of driving sustainable traffic to the Smoke blockchain, and, thanks to the power of tags on Pinterest, and great curated boards.


Best of all... you don’t even need to visit Pinterest once you have activated your account. Pinterest has browser extensions, and apps, which allow you to easily share without visiting the site.

The site, and apps, also do a great job at showing “related” (visually similar) images. could become a major traffic beneficiary, and also find many new members, if many of us share great photos to Pinterest and always more images show up in Pinterest’s “More like this”.

But, remember, it’s a long time effort.

2. Twitter

Sharing content on Twitter, and promoting Smokeio, is a mixed bag. It’s a great platform to share on, but achieving success is not always that simple. Like most other platforms, Twitter loves memes. But a good meme is not easily created and virality doesn’t always lead to traffic. Great memes, and making good use of hashtags is a solid method to gain following though. But it doesn’t yet bring traffic to Smoke and doesn’t result in new members.

The best method to share on Twitter is to share great guides, using hashtags. If somebody writes a great article about how to FIM is excellent content to share on Twitter.

Maybe it wasn’t the post you thought would do well on Twitter, but regularly sharing such content will attract people to the quality they find on Another type of great post to share is informational content like how to get healthy roots in plants.

These posts do add value and establish the site as yet another high quality entrant in an ever more competitive niche. A niche with not only always more news sites but also great quality news sites.

Important site news should of course also be shared on Twitter. By as many as possible of us.

Content like (short) strain or nug reviews will most likely not do that well in converting Tweeple to Smoke members because the time they spent looking at such a post is rather limited. They don’t invest much time in checking out those posts and thus don’t necessarily build up a relationship with the site in their short visit. Additionally, that may require much more extensive reviews.

Personally, I don’t share much on Twitter because unless you have a great following and high quality linked content, the conversion degree is rather low. But I do share content like both articles linked.

Great news stories I would also share. News about legalization in states, countries opening up to cannabis and derivatives but I only share those if the topic is highly newsworthy and the content is stellar (or solid at least). I would for example not have shared my post about the legalislation for medical use in New Zealand because it wasn’t written to attract a news reading audience. The value of such is rather low when sharing Twitter and only rarely results in signups.

3. Sola

Some may think a stretch because the platform isn’t that popular either yet, but Sola is a great venue both for content creator to earn some extra tokens, and for incoming traffic to the Smoke platform.

Sola has a very nice UI when it comes to sharing links.

At the same time, Sola members are used to contributing for rewards. For better or worse as anyone who ever used Sola knows. But if you like Instagram... Sola is the crypto version of instagram with optimized sharing for links.

Again, guides like @toker’s How to FIM are excellent articles to share. Best to let the author share them themselves or at least ask if you can share it for them though (because of the ethics around earning from not created content).

The biggest caveat with sharing to Sola is most likely that it takes a while to understand how to share “for” Sola members. And, of course, that the platform is still rather unproven and the amount of traffic it may send is still rather small.

But those who share to Sola can earn tokens and those who visit Smoke from Sola are experienced in the art of sharing for rewards.


Definitely worth it to experiment with.

These are rather low hanging fruits which can be used and over time contribute lots of traffic, and also lead to many new and cannabis focused members. Yet, as with anything... good weed takes time to grow and those efforts need to be regular and expectations definitely should be long term focused.

There are no easy wins, even less so since the demise of the before so great Stumbleupon.

More Challenging Platforms

The next two options are potentially some of the best platforms to invest time in, but they are also the most challenging ones to generate traffic from: Reddit and Quora.

Everyone knows that Redditors are highly fickle difficult when it comes to converting them to become members. Over the years, Reddit has always been about the comments. Most Redditors spent more time on Reddit commenting and reading snarky comments than they spend time on the sites they discovered.


Yet, a highly related, link in a good Reddit thread can bring thousands and thousands of visitors to any site. But turning them into members... that’s a difficult thing to do with Redditors.

Quora, the popular centralized Question and Answer platform, is an excellent site to “drop links” but Quora members do expect high quality responses. Quora is best left to people who have SEO profile building experience and already know and use Quora on a regular basis. Because only highly related links in high quality answers tend to do well. Additionally, the time it takes to build up credibility on Quora may be too long for most, especially without crypto rewards.

To Boldly Go Where I Wouldn’t Go

Lastly, of course, there’s the frenemy of many a blockchain lover: Facebook. The site, and platform, I love to avoid.

Yet, Facebook is also host to many large cannabis related groups and dropping a link to a great article in a Facebook group can result in thousands of clicks that same day.

Lots of traffic, little conversion.

For many FB users the platform, and its apps, is like Crackbook. It’s pure addiction, addiction of a much lower quality degree than why Redditors love their community. If you want high level snark and sarcasm, then you live on Reddit. If you want just subversive and aggressive - without the passive - retorts... then Facebook groups are your thing.

Much has been written already about how little revenue so-called Facebook “side-door” traffic brings and for user conversion that percentage is even lower. But Facebook is definitely a great location to share links to solid content on I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole but I heard privacy isn’t as big a thing for most as it is for me, so those who visit Facebook and are a member in Cannabis related groups... do not hesitate to share great content. It is a viable traffic source.

Over the next few weeks, months I am going to continue sharing on Twitter but more than on Twitter, I will focus on sharing great photos from content posted to the Smoke blockchain on Pinterest. Because I know the Pinterest community can generate a huge amount of traffic when the effort put in is sustained.

Of course, I will continue to increase my sharing on Twitter, but that will also require that I first build up a more related following on Twitter. And not only is conversion of traffic to members is harder but Twitter traffic is also fleeting. A tweet has a very short lifespan. Images on Pinterest can gain traction for months, years to come even.

If we all start sharing great content found on, not just Smoke marketing collaterals, we will definitely increase the number of cannabis loving signups significantly within a relative short period of time.

Maybe not today, not tomorrow, even not this week or this month... but sustained efforts will make this platform a great place to be. 🤘

Leadpic via Unsplash, Liv life photo via Unsplash.

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GREAT places! I have pinterest and was fairly active on there up until about a year ago. It's time to head back there and promote SMOKE, share some links and nug images.

I don't do FB anymore. I still have the account but it's been a LONG time since I was on there. Heck I bought this laptop in December 2017 and haven't even logged into the account from this laptop.

I've been getting on twitter more often and try to remember to go there daily... I need to push myself a little more.


Pinterest was made for these visuals. :)

I’m in the same boat with Facebook and I still need to further tailor my Twitter content and follows to get more related content shown in my feed.


This post makes my remember the first time i joined weku i never had timevfor fb. Now that am on smoke i hardly call people.

Nice post continue spreading smoke
You can see my first promotion logo to promote smoke on my blog

Yep using Sola. Its a great platform. Nice and easy sharing.


Can I get the link to sola?


Here it is.

Very informative article here, I have been thinking of that Pinterest before. I once from friend about how one can generate traffic from there. I believe we many of us make use of this site, it will be a great deal for us. About the Pinterest Chrome Extention, can you tell me the exact name for it so I won't go for something else. I belive that will make the work more easier.


This is what DuckDuckGo sent me to. Even looks like it was developed by Pinterest too. 🦆

I also think they push their extension in browser when you’re on the site.

And yes, Pinterest, works best if we achieve a sizeable volume of pins. Unlike when H&M launches a new product, for this would totally be “stealth” social marketing and require a long approach where always more images from smoke show up in “related”.


Thanks you so much, I am on it.

Great ideas. I will try some of these other Platforms.

I have Twitter account which I could reactivate and use my arts for promoting Smoke . I haven´t been on this account since I started blogging on Steemit and now that I am working full time as a digital animator, I could do it on weekends... Thanks for the tips on where to promote Smoke, it´s a great compilation of social media..

How about Youtube and The Weedtube?


They’re absolutely great for brand building. But other than embeds, I don’t think they drive that much traffic. People tend to watch the next video and then another one and another one.

As for theweedtube... we should convince them to build on the smoke blockchain. They already have a targeted core group of members and IPFS plus blockchain will make things much cheaper for them in the long run. The more often we can tweet them about that, without merely being loud noise, the higher the chance they will actually consider it.


Direct asking Youtubers to adopt, but there is no direct video support now.
Any synergies with The Weedtube?


This is a decentralized and open source community. We can make that happen. I heard there have been previous contacts with TWT already but as the community here grows we may stand an ever better chance to convince them to build on the Smoke blockchain.

We can make synergy happen. :)

In this post I mostly focused on midterm gains, a solid “stealth promotion” foundation rather than one-on-one focus. That often is very (resource) intensive since ou truly need to achieve buy-in with those you want to convert. Otherwise you become jsut another place they dump their content, but without them participating beyond uploading/sharing on Smoke.

😘 You're an alien 👾



Trying my damndest to get the instagrammers over here


That would be a great crowd but we may have to wait until we have a Smokeshot app. Also, do they get a lot of review products? If they do it may be too early to get them here and we may first need brands, dispensaries to also understand the benefit of this platform.


An app like that in the making or is it just your wish ? i mean i haven't heard from anyone that something like that is in progress ? Can you give some solid info about it. Would be a great thing though.


It may be too early. Platforms don’t grow overnight, neither do communities. As you may have gathered from the comment you replied to, I’m rather strategic.

But I know that a team is looking into it. Yet, nothing concrete information. This is open source world, not funded startups. A totally different game, a game which more often than not requires patience from users. The mainnet is only up since merely 3 months.

If you want something... this is decentralized and open source world: build it! :D


I would have but i am not that skillful. I mostly benefit from other people's work.

wow nice idea! your post really amazing.smoke platfrom really great.i hope this platfrom will so high next year.

Tnx for tips nice post!
Keep up spreading the word about smoke!