Let’s Stop Promoting ‘Get Paid’

7 months ago

Whoa there, Tiger!

Don’t run yet! Hang on for a second and hear me out, please.

One of the beautiful elements about the #Smokenetwork is that we have a resilient location to meet like-minded cannabis lovers, and to learn about everything cannabis related.

The potential of the Smoke network is large because of both the growing market with ever more favorable legalization and also the decentralized element of the blockchain which powers this community.

At the same time, everyone can earn from contributing to the Smoke network.

Photo via Unsplash

It isn’t an unachievable dream that some day the network has its own “Cannapedia”, SmokeZon - Amazon for Cannabis related stores, POS for real life retail, and much more.

That is the power of a well built decentralized community.

Get Paid

Obviously, one of the greatest bonuses this platform has is that people can receive rewards for their contributions. Rewards which they can convert to fiat or in a hopefully not too distant future also use to purchase their cannabis products with on the Smoke network.

But ‘get paid’ is also a catch-22 and even more so on the blockchain.

Like several others here, I have spent considerable time on platforms which reward contributors. Not just on Steem or DPOS related platforms. As somebody with a root in startups and tech, you can also find me on platforms like Crowdholding. That both because I love discovering the newest things but also because I love giving feedback. Things I’ve done for the longest time, long before “social” blockchains. Long before crypto rewards. You can find - or my alter ego - on UserTesting, for example.

Nowadays more and more of those platforms offer rewards. Or let me rephrase that, earning has become democratized and it is ever easier to find those platforms.

Graphene blockchains, like the Smoke network, have popularized “social media rewards” but it’s a Catch-22.

Photo via Unsplash

Together with rewards come Milkers, people who are here just for the rewards.

They’re not here for the community. They’re not here for you and me. They may even not be here for the smoke.

They come for the rewards.

I read it on Weku!

Well, I didn’t. I don’t even have a Weku nor is that blockchain on my focus. But I heard they read it on Weku.

As a small community, still growing, and a niche community, of course our main focus and hope is to develop this cannabis community.

But being based on a censor-free, immutable blockchain the challenges to maintain the focus - and spirit - of the community are even bigger. Nobody can prevent - nor should anybody want to - that people come here and vie for their little part of the pie. Right now, Latest posts, is still a good place to discover content but at the same time every day we see more fake cannabis stories unrelated content or “forced” related content.

That is a good thing because it means that the word is spreading out. The Smoke blockchain is going round. And the blockchain allows them the freedom to post #offtopic content, just like this post.

But why are those people here?

Are they here for the pot? Are the here for the community? Or are they here for the #rewards?

If they’re here for the money, can we blame them?

We Started the Party

By promoting Smoke with a focus on get paid, we invite everyone to come for their part of the pie. Irrelevantly of topic, irrelevant of the spirit and niche of the community.

This is blockchain.

This is freedom.

We started it.

I do understand that “get paid” makes it easier to attract new users, although one could argue that many do not believe in such online, but it’s a Catch-22.

I never was great at writing marketing slogans, yet I struggle with our marketing pitch: “Smoke. Get Paid. Repeat”.

It feels wrong. It feels wrong because it also targets those who see only the “Get Paid” part. If they come for that, we can not blame them. No matter how much our own focus is on community and topical niche.

We promote it.

By including “get paid” in our promotion, we also make it part of the “core business model” why people are here.

Let’s come up with something better.

Let’s focus more on the topic. Let’s focus more on the pot.

As said, I struggle with writing great catch phrases, but for now I suggest:

Toke, Share, Grow.


The Premier Blockchain Cannabis Community

Let me know in the comments how you feel about the topic, the current slogan and suggest alternatives if you can think of any.

PS: I am not anti offtopic content. I am pro offtopic content, it is part of every community. It is an integral pillar of any community. It is more often than not the most active corner of every community. It is an important corner. But it should stay an “annex”, it shouldn’t take away from the main focus.

We’re here for the pot. To grow the community, to give it a resilient corner. And, hopefully, to also become an asset in the fight for legalization.


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Yeah.... I created a whole bunch of other slogans and Art work to share on Twitter and Instagram........ with Link to https://Smoke.io ..... encouraging people to come to Smoke and share their Original Cannabis Content .... Smoke. Get Stoned. Repeat..... Smoke. Create. Repeat.... Plant.Grow. Smoke. Repeat..... but none of them got any interest here on Smoke. Oh well.....


Everyone wants traffic and members. Convincing people to “switch” their home is a difficult thing. It’s the hardest part for any community/new site.

I haven’t found the hook either yet and SEO wise the platform is still very young as well.

This is such a true thing. I feel offtopic is great when people are not here to post only in off topic. If your a regular poster commenter and you post in offtopic that is awesome in happens in all communities.

Now that slogan I agree i never really like it,

Idk about another slogan maybe " grow smoke repeat" Or "smoke grow repeat" as it sounds better but it is backwords haha


I like the “grow” part. It includes both growing [plants] and your stake.


AH yeah, So smoke grow repeat does work


Yeah, liking that one very much. I think I need to update the post soon, gonna see if I can throw something up in Canva.app.

I somehow hope that the majority of people that come here and posted unrelated content will soon figure out it's not worth it, as community for now is doing its job into alerting them about spam.

As for catchphrase I can't think of any for now and I'll leave that to others as I've seen some really good examples. Like Grow..


Can we scale though? Right now we can manage “education”/guiding them on the right[er] path. But as the community grows...

A self-focused circle jerk can easily take off. Don’t get me wrong, I’m positive about things. At times I love challenging and discussing topics though. :)

I'll be honest here. I kinda liked the slogan. Usually we pay smoke and repeat (typical stoners life) but smoke is revolutionary as it changes the slogan of all stoners :P That's how I viewed it at least. But I also understand your point only after first hand experience that people just tend to concentrate only on the get paid part which sucks. Wasn't part of steem so I was quite shocked to see the ways of misusing the platform(self upvoting one liner posts and comments and some kind of numbering which I still don't get) Also I like the "smoke grow repeat" as well.


I always liked how “evil” Steemit’s slogan was/is. Evil and correct. “Come for the rewards, stay for the community”. That’s right up there with the best marketing slogans possible.

But the “misuse”. Note I didn’t say abuse, LOL.

I’m a mod at Steemhunt and, gosh, has that opened my eyes. I’ve long been online and know pretty much most cons and methods. But boy was I clueless to the scale of everything! I felt like a n00b when I actually saw things at work first hand. A true n00b, that’s how bad things were.


Wow don't want any of that junk here!(One should hope :P)


We can’t really prevent it. It’s also part of blockchain and decentralization. But we can try to present ourselves in ways that it invites such behavior less.

Just like we can “not care” about [upvoting] content we don’t like. We need to keep learning, also learning from others. And we need to put the learn in fail... discover and apply #flearn.


I think that not upvoting content that you don't care for is a good way of keeping the rewards low enough to make it less profitable for people who are only on smoke for the rewards. I think that flagging has a place, but mostly for plagarizing and obvious "copy-paste" posts.
Ignoring "shit posters" might not make them go away, but it will at least keep their rewards low.
I kind of like the "grow, smoke, repeat" slogan, but I would be tempted to add the word "create", as in "grow, smoke, create, repeat"


But if we ignore them and let them do what they do they will start to circle jerk votes which would terribly effect the reward pool.


A well organized WhatsApp group circle jerk can do a lot of damage after a very short time only, agreed.


Well, you do have a point there.

i could relate to this hundred percent, and i strongly agree with almost all you said and that many are just here for the get paid part and not the smoke for the community and what you do.
people still don't get that the smoke network isn't for just posting buds and that, the smoke platform is more, it could be use for posting researches of any such of the cannabinoids, or strains, effects, medical etc, we are truly not utilizing and leveraging the full usecase of the platform, but maybe we are and just the right scholars with those fields haven't arrive yet and start playing part.

This also says good Toke, Share, Grow.

but you have to understand what is first is indeed first.
there is no way people will want to remember that.

well the smoke get paid isn't bad
but yeah this is where the community comes to play in really engaging on an interesting post and not just engaging on people they know or chat much on discord. if you seen an interesting post from a newbie engage on it.
everything has a reward even death has its own reward.
even those that post off of the platform has gotten their rewards which could be flag and lack of engagement.

soon the smoke word spread across and people who are professionals on different smoke fields start updating their daily activities on the platform like they do even before smoke came into being - this is when its real usecase comes into play.


I like @skylinebud’s Smoke, Grow, Repeat a lot. The grow part is super awesome because it covers both the plants and the stake you grow.

I know what you mean about ‘toke’. It was actually done on purpose. Smoke sounds better but... have you seen how many shishas have been posted on here already? And tagged smokenetwork? 🤣

Finally... someone said it. I am a proud user of the smoke network, and I was somehow annoyed that all the talk was around how to get paid., in a place that it should be all about the community support. Thanks:)

I like "get paid," I think it speaks to a free market. I also like the other ideas here.


Everyone likes to get paid. Everyone is here “for the money”. Whoever says they’re not... lies. There’s other already existing and active platforms, much more active communities. Why come here?

The question is: is the money the main focus?

I know for me it isn’t. For me “the audience” is.

If long term, I end up having a sizable stake which can contribute to my old days... that’s pretty darn awesome. An awesome bonus, a bonus which would take much more work, and also investment, if I were to start an independent blog. Because making traffic and advertising a solid earner... that’s not easy.

First and foremost... I love the vibe here. And I truly believe that by 2030 a majority of nations will legalize. Also thanks to platforms like this.

Yeah I brought this up a while ago about advertising the "get paid" will bring in some unsavory characters to the platform, but as your said it's a catch 22. It's a great way to attract new talent to the network, so yes it's a tough one. Ho, Ho, Ho bong on bro. :-)


Life without a good challenge wouldn’t be as fun, would it?

I don't have an idea for a new slogan, but I can completely understand your way of thinking. I think Steem's 'slogan' that you can come there and get rich quick, is what killed it partly. A new slogan should be focused on the fact that the community is great, that this is a blockchain and that Smoke is decentralized.


Yeah, decentralized and blockchain matters. Blockchain still has buzz to it, so I wanted to hint to include it in possible suggestions. Decentralized... I think it’s too vague for your not tech/internet pros.

You get digital monopoly money!

That's what all money is these days, though, so it's as real as anything, I guess. Smoke isn't as usable as Steem, though, that's for sure.


The way things look this will soon be more usable than $TEEM. LOL


You get digital monopoly money!

Really? Why don't you send me your portfolio then? :D You can start with smoke since you have my username

I feel what your saying here. There is something about it that feels funny. At the same time, it's an attractive advertiser. If you see people getting paid, you wanna get paid too! It is a catch 22 though, cuz when people talk about getting paid, it makes one skeptical.


I think this is an often forgotten aspect too:

it makes one skeptical

Even more so online. To many “if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is...” applies psychologically.

But I think posts like this contribute to a healthy discourse. Maybe even to new creativity and attempts to see what works best.

Of course, we ALL love to get paid. Otherwise we would most likely be on other platforms. With or without VPN to cloak ourselves.

(Upvote later when my VP has recharged).

I am glad that you are not anti-offtopic!!!
Success at Smoke!
smoke grow repeat 🚬


But we still are a cannabis FIRST network.

IF cannabis is not the main focus.... don’t come. We are not a graphene blockchain with ALSO some cannabis. No, we are a cannabis community with ALSO people who come just for the bucks. We are welcoming but.... not that much either if people never post relevant stuff. :)

If “success at smoke” plus slogan is what you leave in comments after your intro... I know already you’re just here for the money.

My slogan is ''SMOKE ON!'' :D

Smoke on! :D

The money mindset in crypto is a killer. If you were in it for quick money, get out please. If you see the tech and future is now and in use element, please stay and enjoy these networks while everyone stays on Facebook and other social networks earning money for some companies at the same time as they give their information up. I agree with your thoughts on getting "Get Paid" out for many reasons.

Yea... I just thought that was cheesy. so i never used anything. I do use this banner and its really great @jonyoudyer made it but I'm a sharer (that's not a word).


I like that as a separator. It totally describe the [current] activities and core mechanics of the chain.

The “grow” encapsulates part of it too with “grow stake”. But neither travel well as a message outside of smoke.

Most people don’t know/understand decentralized economy. And when they hear curate they think museum, but that’s actually what it is.

Get paid is powerful but has issues. Maybe we should try rewarding for a while.

So many options and some day were just going to hit organic growth lol.

PS: sharer is a word. Siri knows it and, more importantly lol, Merriam recognizes it. Yeah, she of Webster fame.