Building a Twitter Account up for Smoke Promotion - Log #01 & 100 SMOKE Mini Contest

6 months ago

A while back I wrote about possible methods to promote Smoke on social media. One of the more obvious paths I mentioned was Twitter.

Yesterday @a4illusionist asked what he was doing wrong and how he could improve his marketing on Twitter.


Of course, when I wrote that post some weeks ago it wasn’t to instruct people and sit back. No, I actually had slowly but surely started doing exactly that with @unnamed_smoke.

Don’t ask why or how, let’s just call it one of the perks of having been online for many years, but I still had a Twitter account hanging round with few thousand followers. The account had been dormant for several years, in fact I even don’t know anymore what it initially served for. Sometime 2016 (I think) I deleted its tweet history and follows. When joining SMOKE and once I truly took to, it was obvious that rather sooner than later that account would become a part in the daily work and soon I renamed the account to fit my account here.

Sorry unrelated followers, hope you enjoy the diversity and nugporn to coming to your Twitter feed!

Starting and Building Audience

Having a little bit of experience with social media, I didn’t truly follow any genuine plan and have for now slowly built up the account. Just to get a routine of the daily chores, and also interest in zeh Titter, again.

Yes, that’s right... I suck at habits.

Luckily I’m not a “social media guru” and thus don’t have a whole toolkit of apps which serve me tons of vanity statistics and enter data in spreadsheets. Instead, also to hold myself accountable, I will just regularly report about progress here. While there may be data pulled in an Airtable db at some point, I think I prefer keeping things fun and just document growth — or lack thereof — here with an occasional report, probably every two months.


The aim is as simple as it comes: share the awesome content posted to the Steem blockchain and get more traffic and hopefully also contributors from Twitter.

The Twitter account will ONLY be used with that aim in mind. Of course, the odd longform article or Steemhunt tweet may creep in. The account also follows several comics artists and authors and will thus occasionally like work they share. More than a fully targeted account, it is supposed to be an organic account.


As is obvious from the analytics screenshot, right now the account is pretty much dead. Not fully RIP but work needs to be done. Lots of.

This month I have tweeted 60 times so far, first new follows and mentions have been achieved. Interactions are still low, but that’s to be expected with a following not related to the topic.

Tasks to Do

Building a new account is a struggle but the cannabis community has several hashtags which tend to drive eyeballs. Initially, for the rest of this month and during February 2019, I will mostly rely on the following hashtags to build up the organic reach of tweets and gain followers: #CannabisCommunity, #CannabisLife, #CannabisisMedicine and obviously also #Cannabis and #Marijuana.

So far, as one can notice in the screenshot, that has worked rather well: 60 tweets and 30 new follows is not bad for the first 20 days. Nothing to really write home about, but it’s a good start.

Hopefully end February the account will have gained sufficient new followers to stop relying on those hashtags as they may add too much clutter when starting to share links with images. Until then they will be a necessary evil.

Daily Chores

I am using Buffer app to keep a constant queue of tweets ready to be posted. In the earliest days, I had set the schedule to tweet around every 90-120 minutes but now I plan to become more active, I have updated the schedule to tweet every hour pretty much.

This will of course require that at least twice a day I fill up the queue of tweets since I am using a free Buffer account. Yay for habits! :/

Hopefully rather sooner than later around 75% of tweets will come from content. Until then, Feedly and also Twitter itself are my main weapons of choice. Feedly which I stocked with around 20 cannabis news sources.

Because I’m such a social media failure, or rather recovering from social media fatigue from back in the day, I still need to make a habit out of engaging more on Twitter. That includes following more cannabis tweeting steeple too.

Account Persona

Usually I come with built-in snark and sarcasm. Yet, @unnamed_smoke doesn’t yet have a persona — or character — developed.

While normally the persona is an integral part of a social media strategy, I am first going to find my groove in social again and grow the account’s following in a more stealthy [sharing] way before I will start to truly engage with other accounts. I know engaging can lead to more and faster interaction and better organic reach, but I want to gradually grow in things again first.


Find that vibe, rediscover joy in social, and eventually develop the account’s persona. I expect that the latter will start in the second half of February and then during the month of March the persona will be further developed, tweaked as well as will it define the social content strategy always more.

Mini Contest: 100 SMOKE

Right now the account has 3,726 followers. How many followers will the account have in 2 months, on March 21, 2019?

The answer closest to the number of followers on that day wins 100 SMOKE. Winner will be announced in the Log #02 post, which will be published in the last week of March.

Reply with your guess in the comments. Submissions, one per person, can be entered for the next 7 days (as long as this post is active).

Leave your guess in the replies and don’t forget to follow @unnamed_smoke on zeh Titter!


  1. No follow4follow, retweet4retweet or any other similar wank tools will be used. The account will be grown only organically in that period. Pretty much every tweet will be a new “experiment” but I will not meticulously analyse the data for each tweet like social media gurus managers would. I don’t love social enough for that.
  2. I’m playing the long game here. First few days and tweets have shown that it’s possible to gain new followers, thus this account will be built up to properly start promoting all the great content contributed to Smoke starting April. Hopefully then we will also have more regular contributors and contributors of great quality.
  3. No promoted tweets will be ran
  4. While the odd ‘Smoke. Get Paid. Repeat’ promo material will be used, the main focus will be the content shared on Smoke. Also nugporn.

Tags: #twitter, #social-media, #smoke-promo, #contest


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I never did to well on Twitter. Tough place to build an audience.


Twitter has always required lots of work/interaction. Building up and keeping up with a great feed is a pain. Twitter’s filtering has made it better but it definitely also reduced interaction, especially real-time one.

I’ve been amazed at the follows so far actually. Almost been too easy lol.

Thanks for doing your part to promote the smoke network on twitch, great work 👍


Dusting off those old skills again. Before Twitter went truly mainstream I even regularly guest lectured to both CSI and journalism students about it [and social media in general].

SEO work will also become a focus towards the end of Q1. Guestblogging still works very well so let’s make that a focus too. Witnessing is not just keeping a node up and running. Or shouldn’t be just that.

It's hard to get followers on Twitter..most crypto enthusiasts, bounty seekers use their accounts to retweet what tasks are asked of them to get airdrops, etc...hopefully you get a couple of hundreds in a weeks time.

And my guess is wild at 5.2k by March 21, 2019


5.2k that wouldn’t be too bad an achievement. Here’s hoping for more though.

Thanks for your entry. 🦇

Get a social media consultant or hire a PR firm. Worth it.


Sure, send me 20 BTC. Absolutely irrelevant and useless comment but whatever.

Noice!! Will give it a follow and probably create a twitter account as well to resmoke all smoke articles :) My guess would be 4650!


4,650 in the running. 🦇

Nice helping article. I do not use Twitter unfortunately so I won't benefit from this.

I go with 4200...


You will. With traffic to your content. :D

At least two of your posts so far have been shared. 4,200 noted.


How can you see that. You do mean from your profile, right? I saw few times on screenshots I was mentioned, but as I said I thought it doesn't mean a thing. Guess I was wrong.


Twitter offers detailed stats or each tweet, also click trough stats.


I will mostly rely on bird’s eye monitoring though. I don’t like social media enough to operate spreadsheets and everything about it. But midterm hopefully this will result in wider reach for content posted here and eventually also more members.

This is a very well thought out idea. I also tend to base my Twitter account around promoting cannabis and smoke in general.
I'll go with 4500


Thanks, mate. I didn’t develop the “persona” for the account yet since I expect the followers demographics to slightly change.

Let’s approach this one as a “new twitter member” but with advanced social understanding.

4,500 noted.

I have started similar task on facebook and instagram. Hopefully i will add twitter.

About the contest, an extra 1000 followers