Video: Smoking Some 'Glue' and Testing Video on IPFS

7 months ago

Howdy, Smokers!

I got some 'Glue' this morning and decided to take a moment to make a video.

This is a link to a video, click to watch.

Let me know if it plays for you, or if you have any issues!

I should mumble less and speak louder.

I'm using two of my nodes to host the video on IPFS, and borrowing a public gateway as a bridge to users. If interest in IPFS picked up then I think we could make our own public gateway as a community. Other community solutions can follow.
Do you think it matters if the video plays within like other video platforms?

The glue was pretty good. $90/quarter.

From the Receipt

THC: 22.47%
CBD: 0.04%
CBN: 0.04%

Myrcene 1.99 mg/g
Limonene: 4 mg/g
Caryophyllene 10.7 mg/g

It's a pretty good Sativa, strong head high.

#ipfs #video #test #glue

Thanks for reading and watching!

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Hey @trees, good to see you in person, the video worked fine for me. It's good to see someone who can actually smoke a bong properly without filling the room full of smoke and wasting it, Lol. Bong on bro. :-)

Wow $90 for a quarter of that. I got some blackmarket gorilla glue last week $90 for a half ounce. Okay I did find seeds in it but I have some of them germinating now so hopefully that $90 half turns into girls that keeps on giving. LOL some legal markets are too expensive. And your video played fine for me. I watched it on my andriod phone.

Hey trees, good to see you in person! Worked fine on the phone except for one minor issue. Once you click on the video the back button puts you in a infinite loop between the video and the post :p

huii nice ma man take it big like this!
smoke and fly away :)
peace harimbadl

helloOo Trees happy to see you ! 🤗 , i could watch it , but maybe my speed is a bit low

It didn't play in my android 7.0 phone when i usind Firefox

It's a bummer how when you click the video it takes you out of the page

No problems on Linux Desktop.

Android phone, couldn't get it to play.

Plays for me on mobile app😀

There was some lag for me but having an IPFS video option and dedicated nodes for smoke videos would be awesome.

Would be awesome if one day smoke gets an option to record on the spot for ones post.

It wouldn't play for me. Also I'm on my phone.


yeh, weird, on my phone I had to hit play like 3 times in chrome, not sure why.


First time was with mobile web browser that didn't work. Then I used the app and it played for me there. Great job!

Plays fine for me. Only plays forward though. I cannot go back a little or skip to the end in one time. You took some hits man 👊😎

Awesome.... I need to go back and figure out how to get Dtube to work on my iPad.... I could never figure it out.