The girl who smoked the apple with weed. (poem)

2 years ago


Her red lips moved to the desired apple filled with freshly cut fresh weed.

She take it with hands and look at it coldly. take the lighter and started to light the weed, smoke and smoke ...

breathe and breathe in the smoke, take the red apple with both hands.

He put his hands together and smoked again, if there was any doubt, smoke came out, smoke came out, he breathed and breathed.

smoke without hesitating all the weed without leaving anything in it, then ate his apple and went to sleep.


#poem #art #marijuana #weed

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Sweet poetry! @the-smoke


@littlej :D thanks you so much

Beautiful poem.


@offgrid thank you bro :)

Really loved it 🙂 Thank you for sharing it, good choice of picture 😊


@cannabis thank you very much bro :D