My weed (Poem)

9 months ago


The vibes are still in me, the desire to smell you does not fade, I want to smoke you again and again, my strain, my weed, my heart speeds up when I see your leaves hang after the harvest.

My lips dry when I see you on the table, I take my pipe and set you on fire, your heat, your smell is colors in my head, I explode when I smoke you again and again, my sweet weed.

The weed in my hands there is nothing left, I smoke it complete today and tomorrow, all your aroma spreads and gives colors to all those who smoke you.


#canna-poem #life #smoke

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Loved it :)

Nice to see you back around! Toke on!


Thanks bro me too happy see you :D @relaylogix

Great poem 😊 and nice vibes 💚


@cannabis Thank you :D Nice vibes to you.


Nice vibes to you too :)


Thanks 😊💚