Bought More Smoke Yesterday

2 years ago

Screenshot (276).png
Decided to sell my Bitshares & get more Smoke. Not making any profits just sitting there as Bitshares. Thinking about moving my Steemit funds into here too...

#Smoke #Bitshares #Steemit

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No comment on steem. It’s broken. Smoke is well run and could become the biggest online cannabis community in the world, if we all pull towards that goal.


I'm cashing out all my Steem currently. Done with it. Ned & Dan fucked that up big time.

Moving Steem funds here wouldn’t be stupidest thing to do. It would be rather smart even.


Steem isn't looking that great right now.


It’s only gonna get worse. By the time $TEEM recovers $MOKE will be long high.