Why you should mention Smoke.io in your cross posts/videos and more

2 years ago

Okay so I think I am going to give opinions on issues I see on Smoke on Thursdays

As this time last week I had some opinions about cross-posting but after thinking about things after reading responses I have expanded my opinion of the issue, if you are going to do it you should be mentioning Smoke.io in the posts on the other sites or mentioning smoke.io in your videos. Only takes a second to say and type out if you all haven't checked out the newest place to be for all of us stoners you should follow me on smoke.io/@yourusername, make it your own of course mention this is the place where we are uncensored and rewarded for interacting with each other. Growing community, sharing education, knowledge, resources and building friendships.

All of my content is exclusive to smoke.io, just sharing it as a reminder we should all try to keep it exclusive, but if not at least mention smoke.io

Cross-posting vs Cross-Promoting

There is a big difference between the two as cross-posting is copy and pasting things word for word across many blogging platforms is what cross-posting means which is a form of plagiarism, it is called self-plagiarism, not to be confused with cross-promoting, which is taking links and dropping them across other social media platforms. Two different things, one in my opinion really is bad for the platform and that is the cross-posting, but it could be good for a little while to grow the site if people start name dropping the site in those posts/videos. So of you have some real influence on other social media sites because you don't have to be in the Smokers closest so to speak if you have that voice to be able to talk about it freely you should be mentioning smoke.io any time you can in my opinion

I want to be a voice

But I personally can not just link drop smoke.io because someone would turn me into the police, my cannabis activity in my life is on the DL and very few people in my life actually know what is going on, and I can't just openly say hey this is my blog check it out because then I could go to jail. And with opiates as the governments drug of choice for pain, I can't risk being forced to take their pain medicines so I can't openly cross-promote but I do on the DL to people that I know that use, I tell people who buy marijuana stocks they should check out this site to see what is going with the cannabis world for real and not the propaganda bull shit. So be the voice for those of use who can't not openly speak and have to speak behind a anonymous username and help bring awareness that smoke.io is here and we unlike all the other sites that are ad based are uncensored.

These are just my thoughts on how we can improve the site

These are my opinions and I do not expect everyone to agree with them, but I do hope to spark conversations on what we can all do to improve the site for all of us, so what do you think, let me know in the comments below so I can continue growing my opinions and thoughts. Maybe change some of those, maybe even cement them in more than they are. But I am fluid to change and hope others are too. Till next time stoners it is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass.




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That is a nice tip but i think it already is being followed as all the marketing material that is coming out by some of the people here contains these links in those designs. But yes its a good reminder for everyone to keep following them as it makes an impact. Slowly but surely.


I wish that was true but I follow some users on other platforms and I am not seeing them promoting smoke they post videos all the time. Some have recently in the last week have started kind of but they could go further by actually mentioning the site in their videos they are cross posting as many don't read the descriptions of video platforms. This does not apply to all cross posting users I see some are mentioning smoke but others are not yet.

I agree with your post and learned a bit more re :cross posting / cross promoting. Your ref. to being anonymous ....is this because you live in a non -cannabis friendl y country?


I live in an illegal state and am documenting my cannabis journey so yeah I have to be careful of cross promoting period but others have a public voice and can speak freely and they never mention smoke in their cross posts

That's actually a good idea in general for a video show. You just give me a great idea. Thank you. I hope this works.