Why Blockchain Social Media is better than Ad Based

3 months ago

Blockchain versus Ad Based Social Media

Many of us who use the Blockchain already know that the Blockchain is superior to Ad Based Social Media there are many reasons why. Initially many people check it out for the rewards, but then stick around not only for those rewards but because of the community. I have a theory about that, when rewards are connected to social media people are more polite to each other, and are more willing to listen to other people's point of view. Where on ad based social media, people react instead of thinking and listening when another view point comes across their path. Reward based social media makes people nicer to each other for the most part. Yes people are still going to bump heads but for the most part people are nicer even when bumping heads.

Community Censorship instead of Corporation Censorship

I find one of the best things about the Blockchain is no Corporation Censorship. Facebook, IG, Twitter, Youtube and all the rest like to censor content creators for different reasons, and most of the time the content should not be censored. But there are things that come up that should be censored and that is where the flagging system comes into play, if something is offensive, like a snuff video (I gave that example because someone shared one in Discord the other day, no I didn't watch it but some other users did before they knew what it was) or something equally disturbing the community can flag that user so their content though still on the blockchain is censored so it isn't seen and you would really have to work to find it. This is the way successful Social media should look as it creates a positive environment instead of a negative one. I seriously know people who try to see how often they can get put into Facebook Jail over sharing stuff like Marijuana legalization posts, or vaccine inserts side effects.


Telling others about the blockchain

For me personally I tell everyone I can about the Blockchain on my other social media accounts, I basically use those accounts to advertise the Blockchain's that are out there. With Smoke.io those are personal referrals as I have to be on the Down Low about my Marijuana usage. but with other Blockchain sites that I like like Steemit and Whaleshares I can openly discuss. It amazes me that so many people still don't know about Blockchain technology yet. I talk about this stuff to strangers all the time and many have never even heard of Bitcoin. It floors me that they haven't heard of Bitcoin after the 2017 run. Many are confused about Crypto, so I ask them if they have stocks or if they invest in precious metals. Many do one or the other or both, so I compare Crypto to how stocks and precious metals go up and down in value. Then I ask them how much they make, when they make a comment on someone's post on Facebook. And this is why I have so many people in my real life on Steemit, Whaleshares and slowly my stoners friends are joining Smoke.

So my suggestion to others talking to people about the blockchain

Especially smoke.io ask them have they ever been in Social Media jail over what they post or share? Ask them if they make money on the likes they get for the stuff they write? Ask them if they make money on their comments? Asked them if they would like to invest in their futures with those words if there was a way. Then show them the way. If they don't understand break it down so they can understand. Explain how Crypto like Stocks and Precious Metals rise and fall in value. Tell them to think of it as another retirement plan. Do your social media on the blockchain and save for your future.

I firmly believe in the blockchain

It is why I do these contests I do, because engagement like contests helps the blockchain grow. I believe my small investment in the shipping these prizes around the world will help each winner help grow the site, and that it helps retain users which in turn makes everyone more rewards that eventually some of that we will turn into Fiat or spend in stores as crypto adoption in stores around the world becomes more common.

So these on my thoughts on how to grow the blockchain

I know it is Sunday and I said this series on my thoughts on how to improve Smoke was suppose to come out on Thursdays but hey I am stoner/medical user and sometimes we get distracted just like everyone else does. It boiled down to this week I was busy rearranging to make more space for my bigger tent, which did arrive I will have an update on that tent in a day or two.

Till Next time Stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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Heck yeah! All good time to explain to everyone why we do this :) great job

I agree ....i'm bailing out of I.G soon ....joining the growing migration to blockchain fairness and freedom.

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