There will be a delay in prize shipments

last year

I had to have an emergency surgery

Toxic release is no joke and though it is very rare, I had a bad side effect of an abscess forming and had to have an emergency surgery. I at first thought I was having an allergic reaction and was starting to respond to Benadryl but then it got worst and the pain was bad, that I went to the ER. I never go to the ER but I couldn't quite see it and could only feel it because it was forming where my leg and butt meet. Yes it is very painful. So yesterday they did emergency surgery to drain the abscess and I am home recovering.


So shipping on prizes will be delayed

I am sorry to the winners for the delayed shipping of prizes this week, but as soon as I am able I will get them off in the mail. I am not feeling to well so if I am not around for a few days you all know why as I am recovering. Plus it hurts to sit even on a donut cushion from the incision and will likely for a few days.

I am running out of sitting up energy

So I am gonna close this and twist up a joint as quickly as I can because pot is still the best pain reliever. Works better than the pain meds they gave me. So till next time stoners it is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass.




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I had part of allergic reaction the last 20 years, to many medicines, the reason why I start to hate it to take any medicine.

What I know about the toxic release is so painful and need time to recover / Your health is a priority, take care and get well soon.


Sadly I have too and it sucks. My chiropractor told me yesterday when I went in that my adjustments caused it, part of that toxic release crap. It seriously is no joke. 20% of patients get it, but the whole abscess is even rarer with it happening to less than 2% of patients. I can't help but think how do I get so freaking lucky... Yes that is sarcasm

Take all the time you need. I don't think there is one person here who cares about the prizes as much as your health. Your health is more important then anything. We all wish you a fast and smooth recovery.


Well you know me I don't want anyone to think I forgotten their prize.


You girl take a well earned rest and collect your smoke on. ✌️

Ooft do take it easy, rest and get better soon :)


Thanks I am going to take it very easy. Yesterday I felt horrible still but today I am feeling much much better still not 100% but on my way to it

Get well soon.


thanks I am trying to