The vet, a closing and a salad

26 days ago

Today has been a long busy day

My oldest dog has been sick. He is old for his breed. As he turns 12 this year and he never has really been sick. We know time is growing short with him but we are not ready yet and have spent $900 in the last few days trying to make him better. He has been to the vet 3 times since Friday and goes back tomorrow for some more IV fluids. Hopefully this gives him more time with us as we love him very much.

The closing

So we own a house with my brother-in-law. That we agreed to let our sister-in-law live in while she was alive. Last year she passed away and the decision was made to get the house ready to sell. Surprise surprise though an offer was put in and my brother-in-law decided to take it without asking us if it okay. We are kind of irritated over it but are glad to not have to deal with it anymore. But kind of angry we was told at noon today that we had to be at the title company for the closing at 4. Really a 4 hour notice? But on the bright side we have a check and don't have to worry about the property anymore. As when my sister-in-law died she died with 25 cats and 1 dog inside the house. Took us a year to get that smell down enough to sell the house.

So it is time to celebrate

Figured a salad is the proper way to celebrate not having to deal with that house anymore. So I took some of the Sour Sunset, some of the Strawberry Cake and some of the Benevolence to roll up a couple of salad joints..


It has been a long day

But there is nothing better after a long day than a couple of fatties. I had a few other things to do today in between the vet and the closing. That I am working on after the vet tomorrow not doing anything else tomorrow and just chillin and smoking cannabis all day. Hope it works out like that. Till next time stoners it's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass, don't mess up the rotation.




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They are really fat ones! Hope you have enjoyed the puffs! Cheers to that!

Hope you manage a pure "salad" day without interuptions ,sounds like you deserve it.


the salad is good for the end of the day but today I am keeping to one strain per joint, though I am sure I will mix it up through out the day. LOL Started with the Sour Sunset today.