The Roach Sunday Show

2 months ago

Many of you already know every Sunday I do a show in Green House Radio in Canna-Curate discord.

I been doing the show for 2 years I was told. I am shocked that two years have flown by already since I started my radio show. When I first launched the radio show it was late at night but as I started getting my back fixed my sleeping habits changed. So since I could no longer stay away through my show it was changed to an earlier time slot at the 2PM EDT.

You can join me here at this link to listen to the show.

What is Roach Sunday Show?

It is a discord podcast hosted in the Greenhouse Radio section of the Canna-Curate channel, host by yours truly for 2 hours starting at 2PM EDT. Most of the music is about cannabis. Though every month there are 5 Sundays I host the women's power hour where all the songs are women artists and on those Sundays you will hears some songs not about cannabis. I also read a summary of cannabis news for the week and talk about current events.

There is one except to the artist playlist for the Roach Sunday Women's Power Hour

And that the song I consider to be the shows theme song. As it is a song about the ends of the doobies ie... the roaches. And that is Devin the Dudes "Doobie Ashtray" And today I will be announcing a contest at the top of the hour and if you are reading this before 2 PM EDT today you get a heads up about the contest I am going to be holding today. When you hear Devin the Dudes Doobie Ashtray play the first person the day Roach Sunday in the comments of the audience Chat will win this deck of playing cards.


So come and join me for the Roach Sunday Show

You can win some cool swag sometimes and nearly every week there are airdrops of different cryptos. Come join us for some music and cannabis chat. Meet new friends and create new bonds. And join us daily for our smoke outs we have virtually together. Till next time stoners it's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, pass.



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Woman working hours full of magic lol ..

Aye wish I could have stayed for the whole show, I bet it felt good hosting from your own studio despite the hubby’s distraction 😉


I ended up taking it inside and hosted from the house, as there would have been too much noise for the studio yesterday but Sunday I should be broadcasting from there. I might take it out there tomorrow but likely Sunday will be the first day I host from there


Ahh yea, ohh well 😝 don’t wanna stop him once he gets up to do it right? 😘🤣🤣🤣

I’m excited for you ✌️ one day I’ll have my own space till then I live vicariously.


I bought my crown moulding, baseboards and trim Sunday night. Should be installing it tomorrow on my husband's day off. I am truly grateful for the space I am getting. It has taken a lot of hardwork, sweat, tears and even some blood( just a small cut) was spilled building it, to have it be ready to use has me excited.

Great show!!


Thanks man I appreciate that, thanks for tuning in.