The Pandemic Depression: Will end prohibition

2 months ago

We are now offically into a recession

That will turn into what I am dubbing the Pandemic Depression. As horrible as depressions are there will be something good that comes out of it. The end of prohibition of cannabis. I been talking about the upcoming depression but had no clue what would cause it till this last week. This is the start of shit getting bad before it gets better.

I lead my life based off feelings I get

You can make fun of it if you want, but those feelings I have had has kept me safe, made me money and prepared me for this. I have been made fun of for being a prepper but because I have been my family has all we need till we can harvest our garden later in the year. I think things are gonna get bad before they get better especially for the world economy. But I think because of the need for industry we will see the end of prohibition.

Governments around the world will see all the products and uses as a way to restart the economy

The United States will lead the charge as people get more desperate for resources and work as when this is over they will see Canada and other legal countries recover faster. As it restarts the US economy other countries will follow suit. That is as long this isn't the end game of the NWO take over, if it is that there is no telling what will be next. But if this is truly the pandemic that we are seeing in the media, this is gonna hurt for a while but when we come out the other side we should be able to legally have and grow the plant.

Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff don't pass, keep your Corona to yourself or it might come out your Heineken.



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I SERIOUSLY hope it results in cannabis being legalized, because who the fuck is seriously thinking about wasting more money on cannabis prohibition during a global pandemic? It's extremely uncool.


I been saying that we have been heading for a great depression and that we were already in an ignored recession had no clue that this would be what caused it, but I also have been saying that it would be what ends prohibition and I can't tell you why I feel this way it is just a strong feeling I have.