The First NugPorn Book is completed and ordered

6 months ago

So I been working all day on finishing the book

After hours of editing the layout and the storyboard the 1st ever NugPorn book is done. But I don't want to show it off too much as I want it to be a surprise to the very first person that ends up receiving the book, as I will only be having a limited number printed each month. But I do want to show off the Cover, the back and the Title page of the book. Does taking a nap count as working all day on this, because I did break to take a nap that Gorilla Glue makes your eyes want to glue shut.


Title Page.PNG

The contributors

Will each get a book for contributing to this project but since I am limited to one free book a month and my best friend is gonna let me order one on her account each month. I did a drawing as promised for the order of how each contributor will get their book. This is the order and below it is the video showing the order I drew each name.

  1. @psyceratopsb
  2. @skylinebuds
  3. @rawpride
  4. @gr8fulmag420
  5. @jeffguitar
  6. @jackdub
  7. @green-der
  8. @tecnosgirl (I didn't draw for myself, but I did do a lot of work and contributed to the book to so I am getting a copy of this for myself too.)

So hopefully by April or May all the contributors have their copy of their book

Then I can start doing contest to get some of these limited edition books into the hands of other smokers on the platform. Before anyone asks No these books are not for sale, the only way to get one is to contribute to the project (which is closed now) or to win one. Which is the only option now. It will likely be June before the first one is given away. So if you really want one of these NugPorn Books then you need to hit that follow button and keep checking back for a contest of some sort to go live for one of these books. In the mean time you can enter my other contests and giveaways.

Till next time Stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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Congratulations! :) I will keep an eye on the contests to try and get a copy of the book. Is there anyway that there will be a digital edition like for example in PDF?


I am thinking of putting it in a pdf for those who can't get a physical copy. At the very least I will have screenshots of the entire book up once @psyceratopsb recieves the first book. But I think a pdf is even a better idea thanks for the idea @cannabis

Cool book, if the cover is any indication of the inside it's going to be awesome, can't wait to check it out. Bong on. :-)


Once @psyceratopsb get his I will put up screenshots of the book so everyone can see it even if they can't have it.

i pronounce his name like a triceritops but with psy replacing tri! Also with mine, move everyone up one I will take the last one. I am excited to see what images were sent out!!!!


Some were not sent @rawpride gave me permission to use any of his published photos as long as I gave him credit so he doesn't even know what images of his was used. LOL And Some images were not of good enough quality so I couldn't use them. Or many were sent and it was too many of the one strain so I had to pick and choose. But I think it is gonna look good. I spent more time making this book than any other book I have created to date. And that makes sense on how to pronounce it, I always butcher peoples names lol even if it is easy


Nice! @rawpride does have some great #nugporn...I am excited to see the finished result!! that site frustrates me when it comes to resizing and placing. I love the quality of their merch tho! As far as his name, I could be wrong myself! As you said before screen names can be tricky!!! Just look at yours "noH"


Exactly lol


I was thinking that is the point. Like dinosaur, but with psy where p is silent; and just plain b at the end.

Love how you pronounce me.
This is awesome. Thanks so much for your time and will you put into. Happy we could make it on time.
Of course you will keep one for yourself. And thanks to all contributors.


I butcher most of them lol

O man these are going to dank. Thanks for making these I can't wait to see the inside when you get it.


You won't have to wait long I am gonna get January's Book ordered in the next week. I have a check I am waiting on to be deposited and a big candy order that I am filling this week and will be paid for. One of my biggest orders to date, which has me excited af to be honest.

stokeness :)
Thanks muchly and what a splendid book it looks.
Good luck with it!
Looking great.

It's a a good idea that made everyone interested. Can't wait.

the book looks like it will be a very fun read. Well bro @psyceratopsb, glad to see you are first on the list. You did a lot to promote the contest.


It wasn't a contest it was a collaborated projects the drawing was just who gets their copy first since I only get one a month free