The 4.20 Mystery bag

6 months ago

So I was out with my oldest yesterday

After we got done running around doing things she asked me to stop at the tobacco store for her. I decided to go in and see if they had any glass nectar collectors and they didn't but I noticed mystery bags in the case. They had small ones for $4.20 and bigger ones for I think it was $11. So I decided to buy one of the bags that cost $4.20


So once I got it home

I had to peak inside. I wanted to open it right away but knew I wanted to document it for smoke. I was hoping because the bag had 4.20 on it that there would be cannabis related materials but this is a tobacco shop I could end up with tobacco related items . But luck would be on my side.



Not bad so far

But what is wrapped in the white foam wrapping? So I very carefully take the rubber ban off. And score there isn't just one but there are two glass pipes a traditional one and a chillum in mini size. They are so cute.


So for $4.20 USD

I got a mini grinder, a package of screens, a one hitter, a glass pipe and a glass chillum. Not bad at all and guess what I am going to end up doing with it? If you know me you are saying she is gonna do a giveaway and you would be partly right I am going to give these away in a giveaway but not till the 4/20 ultimate giveaway that will give one reader a basket full of smoke related items from paraphernalia to swag. My 4/20 giveaway will be my biggest giveaway of the year.






If things go well

I might have a big piece in there as I am considering taking on a sponsor. Free things to give my readers is appealing but only on my terms. I don't mind mentioning a company but unless I do business with you and use your product because I think it is great I am not gonna recommend anything to my readers I don't personally use myself. I don't mind passing on freebies for my readers or doing reviews on products. But I also don't smoke out of metal if I can avoid it and 99.99% of the time I can avoid it. So I won't review metal products either. But I am not sure you guys would be interested in me doing that or not for the better prizes that I am sure these companies could offer that I honestly can't. Let me know in the comments below.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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That's a good haul for $4.20! Screens alone are almost $2!


I kind of want to go back and buy the bigger mystery bag.

Hah! mystery bags are fun :D

Cool gear. . not bad for the price.

Reach out to [email protected] and see if they would like to sponsor a vape pen for your 420 giveaway.. ;)

That's a deal for $4.20


Ikr though everything is small they are all functional pieces and made fairly well, I am really surprised they put all that in there for $4.20

Hoping to be the lucky winner for the great prize. And yes i do follow you closely and you recommendation means alot for a lot of people in here.

You are very generous with the community, you always find offers everywhere

Great score, that's an awesome deal for $4.20. I like the glass pipes, very cool. Good for you, bong on. :-)

That is a killer deal, The pipe alone are worth more than that.
I have never smoke from a chillum, I likely should do that one day.

Solid bag of goodies for 420 - for $4.20.