Taking a smoke break

20 days ago

I been working hard

My husband and I both have busy schedules. Though my time has freed up somewhat here lately with the pandemic my main business came to a stand still. But for a while I had been saving to do my studio and while my business is sadly still shut down. And since I been trying to find the time to do my studio and the pandemic shut down gave me the perfect opportunity to do it.




We started with a shell

And we have done a lot of work so far, running all the electrical, installing the insulation and to see what it would look liked before we paint it we put up some of the wall. Yes I know the panels are two different colors, but when we are done some primer and paint you won't know that it is wood panels. I decided to go with paneling as I will be using on demand heating and cooling for this building and dry wall doesn't really like that in the winter months. If later I decide I need it I can always add a mini spilt.



Wanted to also make sure I keep some privacy

So I added a window film to the window. They come in a ton of designs so I can easily change them out. But I figure one we have hundreds of dollars of tools and building equipment in here no need to let potential theives have easy eye sight access. I also added blinds to the windows.



We have much left to do

But we are getting it done. But right now I am taking a smoke break with some Grapefruit. It has been one of the many strains helping me push through each day to get more and more done. This is why I been absent some and why I might not be as active over the next week or so. But once I get done I will have the right light and space to create the shots I know I can take of my nugs but the lighting is bad in my house and to set up my professional lighting equipment to get a few Nugporn shots is a hassle when it take a few to set it up and tear it down.


A friend of mine said I should turn this into a grow house

I laughed but if shit continues to go crazy I might just do that. Till next time stoners it's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, bogart that shit there's a pandemic going on and sharing is not caring for the moment unless you are passing them their own joint to smoke that is totally caring.



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That Would Make A Dope Grow Lab!


I would easily be able to grow 8 plants and have that many vegging if I did turn it into a grow lab. But as of right now it will just be my studio.


Grow lab; grow studio; names irrelevant! Lol😉

Hey, you´ve done it already, at least the base is there, roof walls, insulation... I am anxious to see it finished... Congrats!


We still have three rows of insulation to do and to install the insulation in the attic area. Today that will be done and hopefully the rest of the walls. But it has been really hot the last few days and the heat is slowing us down a little. But I am excited.


Yeah, the exciting is there when you start such project... the only thing you want is to have it done no matter what the temps are... good luck!


Once we get the walls and ceiling up I can paint. Then once that is done we will hook up the electricity and then I can at least finish it out in cool air. The portable unit won't run off an extension cord, it trips the breaker on the plug as I did try. But yes I am excited. I am having my morning smoke right now and then will be getting dressed to get back to work.
The painting will be quick as I have a professional paint sprayer.