Some thoughts while smoking

last year

I am sitting here having my morning smoke session

Today I decided to go ahead and roll up some of that Grand Daddy Purple. As I am sitting here getting my buzz on I want to share so thoughts with you my readers. I may risk alienating a few with these thoughts but it has been bothering me for a while and I am hoping this post will put a stop to people asking me this question.


The hated question and the answer is always No

Many of you know I do many giveaways where I give away smoke promotional swag or stoners related items. But too frequently I have people asking me instead if their prize for me to convert the value of the prize into smoke instead. The answer is always No. I find the question rude if I am honest about it. But sometimes it isn't even a question but more like a demand.

Let me explain why

First I am a self employed small business owner. When I say small, I make $1200 a month as I am partially disabled, I live in the United States, my husbands income supports us and my earnings we use to do projects around our home and I use for shipping of the items I give away.

Secondly ALL the items I give away have either been donated by local smoke shops because when we finally get legal in our state they know I am gonna talk them up. Or I find promotional codes and get the items made for free through Snapfish and Shutterfly. And sometimes the items come from the WISH app from the free section. Sometimes I find a good deal and buy it to share with you guys.

Thirdly I am not cashing out any of my earnings have even taken fauceted shit coins and converted them for into smoke so I have liquid smoke to give away in some of my giveaways and contests so there is a little smoke prize to go with a physical prize. I am doing this because I believe in I believe in it's future and want everyone to have a way to promote the site so it grows.

I don't want anyone to think I am a saint

I am not a saint at all and I do have selfish reasons for these giveaways. But I am long term selfish. I see the big picture. Currently marijuana is illegal in most places but the tides are turning and with legalization growth I predict we will see similar growth from it. As decentralized systems will be the future and as dispensaries take notice the value of Smoke will increase. I hope that these giveaways get people to stay on smoke and be interactive, I hope it finds new people who see the cool swag you have won. I hope that eventually smoke is trading at $1 or more because I believe it can get there but it takes time and investment or money and time.

Instead of buying more smoke with the money I use for shipping costs I use it to promote the site to help it grow and retain users. I bet there is a few of you that stuck around because you won something from here at one time or another. I know that a few joined because someone they knew won something. And that is why I am doing these contests. But it is selfish reasons, I hope to have a million smoke before it hits $1 so then I can power down for a week or two and pay off our debt, the taxes from that transaction, put some back for retirement and the rest invested right here to keep the economy strong. So yes I do have selfish reasons and am betting big on smoke.

I spend a lot of money on shipping

Sometimes I am shocked on how much it costs to send something. Like once a book cost me $20 to ship to Ireland. The book cost me $2.99 but the shipping $20. It can add up. So please stop asking me to send smoke instead of your prize. It isn't going to happen and I think this is the official announcement.

From now on

Anyone who asks me to convert their prize into smoke will be blacklisted from my contests. I should not have to even say this but I am tired of having to explain over and over that if I want to keep giving away 4.20 smoke in contests I can't afford to give you the value of the prize in smoke. I only have so much liquid. And it takes a while to get enough shit coins to convert into smoke. What I converted took me two years to collect.

I understand some people are in places where money is important

Shit money is important every where but sometimes waiting for the rewards is better than immediate payout that doesn't provide for the future. I am starting to ramble so I am going to end this here. No I am not saying which users or when it happened. And it has been happening since I started my contests. But I am just now saying something because it is weighing on my mind.

Till next time stoner

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass



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Hey! keep doing what you doing. You made me stay after you sent a sticker to me here in Nigeria. Thank you for what you do! #TheBigPicture

That's messed up. You could be selling these things that you are giving away, I'm more then sure there are people here that would buy them and buying there own shipping. I vote for that ban list for what it's worth.


I been offered money for the items so you are right about that.


I would buy stickers from you right now lol start a smoke market :D