Solo cup challenge week 2 update

6 months ago

There is not much change

Since the last update not much has changed. I have my little sprout but it hasn't done much above soil. But it still looks healthy so I am gonna guess that right now the little "gal" is growing strong roots. I did remove the paper I had on the cup and wrote on it with a sharpie. Hopefully the new lighting system I am installing this week will help it grow better.





For those who missed my first two posts on my entry

I am attempting to grow Northern Lights in the solo cup. There is still time to enter the challenge. You have till Jan 10th to get your entry in if you want to participate. I never grown before this solo cup with a few other bucket plants will be my first ones I am attempting so I hope I get some good buds out of it and the other plants I am growing.

Stayed tuned for more solo cup updates

Till next time.stoners it is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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How long of a light schedule you giving it?


the guy that gave me the seeds suggested a 18/6 so that is what I am doing

I hope your little one starts to power on soon, good luck. Bong on. :-)