Smoke swag mail call

7 months ago

Totally stoked that more swag has arrived.

Just a little bit ago the mail ran. Inside my mailbox was some more smoke swag. 40 2x2 magnets arrived, I picture these on the streets on metal poles, electrical boxes and signs. I plan to go and put them in a few places in my hometown and the current town I live in. But I am also going to send these to other smokers that want to put out in your community. Depending on the demand will depend on how many get sent out to each smoker that would like one. Just reach out to me in discord (tecnosgirl#7681) if you would like some of these magnets to put in your city, town, villages.



The first Nugporn book arrived

@psyceratopsb will be getting the first book. It is so cute being a 6x6 book it is little but packed with some good cannabis related porn. Here is a sneak peak of his pages @psyceratopsb submitted beautiful images of some street Hashish. I will get this out to you this week @psyceratopsb thanks for contributing to this project.



I love swag mail call

Even though the majority of the swag I get I am or will be giving away, it feels like Christmas morning when the stuff arrives and when it turns out better than expected I get super thrilled.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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Wohoo. Waiting for it..


I will send it off to you on Friday.

Wow. You are taking smoke to the next level. Always a great thing to have people like you on your side.

Those are definitely dope magnets.


a simple and clean design that gets the word out, without being too busy

congrats @psyceratopsb bro. Have fun looking trough it.


I sure will. So happy how lady luck hits me here on smoke

Wow that book is awesome, are you going to take lots of photos of it? Those magnets are a good idea, if people see them they wont be able to resist and take them home, bong on. :-)


Good that means more members

Did I read that right? That hash is from/in Ireland???? MAAAAAN, I NEED some LOL. Or are people just teasing me and was only the seed from here. I have to find the leprechaun...


Yep you read that right