Scored Me Some Hash

22 days ago

Hash use to be bigger around here

But over the last 20 years or so it has slowly gone away and is harder to find. But I have connection that have connections so I was able to score a few grams in a nice little Hash Ball.


I plan to roll it up with some cannabis

I just recently picked up some Strawberry Fields and plan to roll a big fatty of it up with the Hash. I hope that the combination will get me stoned off my ass. I use cannabis mainly for medical reasons but occasionally I like to get stoned off my ass for recreational reasons.


So today I plan to get stoned

I have nothing else planned for today, except to get stoned and try to do some programming. I been having a hard time focusing on that lately and hoping if I get stoned that will help. Cause I really do want to get another front end up, but sadly I haven't been able to focus on it with everything else that has been going on. I am hoping that this will help.


If it doesn't maybe I can get some graphics designs done

As this very well may end up making me feel creative in the artistic sense. Or it could make me want to do physical activity and if that happens I will go burn some more Honeysuckle from pile that needs burned. There is plenty for me to do either way. But what I would really like is the focus to focus on programming shit I been wanting to get done for a month now but this CoVid-19 shit has me not only off my game but behind in my projects. On the bright side this weird energy I have has been go for physical activities and getting labor done..


Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, bogart those joints till this pandemic risk of death is over with. There is effective treatment the problem is they are not giving it readily to everyone who needs it. It is trying times out there right now and governments are taking advantage and stacking the deck against their people all around the world so be leery and don't trust your government.



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Nice score! I love making my own hash. It's been a good year since the last time i made bubble hash. Mmhmmmm I recently hand trimmed some nice flowers up and now have a little pile of kief to smoke up 🤪

Nice score. Do you know what kind of hash or just some black hash?


Some type of bubble hash I'm not sure. I do know it was made in the United States and wasn't shoved up anybody's ass. I normally won't touch hash because of that.
I am also weird about Birthday cake. I won't eat it if candles are blowed out.