Posts that IMO rape the reward pool: Warning Rant post

2 years ago

I am now going on a rant post

Mainly because even though I have asked to be excluded from what I considered reward pool rape posts and I have been ignored and have been included in more of @cryptobloggers posts the "Daily Smoke Report" It does not add any value as it is the trending list. STOP Raping the reward pool. Anyone can go look up who is trending, as there are two ways to access that list. We do not need you posting it daily. I am going to start flagging all accounts who tag me in a trending list. It would be one thing if you are making a listing of content you think you think people should read, like I wouldn't mind if it was @cryptobloggers readables or something like that, but this is a copy and paste of the trending list. And it being rewarded, is raping the reward pool and we as a community need to stop rewarding, those who are raping the reward pool.

There are also users doing daily Smoke Price reports

Posting the price of smoke is a waste of space as there are so many places anyone can check the price of smoke. We do not need anyone on the platform wasting space on the block chain and raping the reward pool. It does not add value to the platform.

Adding value to the platform

There are ways those who do these type of post can actually add value to the platform and not do actions that are considered by those who are veterans to the block chain reward pool rape. These two actions I have stated above is reward pool rape. And I for one, am taking a stand against it. I don't want to be tagged in your trending lists. If you have read my article and you think it is worth a read and you want to make a post on posts you think others would enjoy that is a readable list, that is not a copy and past from the trending page, that adds value. If your readable's is just the trending page, you are still raping the reward pool. And if you are posting the price of smoke daily. STOP, and find something else to post about because your spam is not wanted or needed.

If this offends you sorry, not sorry

I am trying to help Smoke grow into a platform people want to come to. Where the content is unique, that is why I went on my rant a few weeks ago about cross posters. It is also why some have seen I stopped upvoting their content because I have found they are cross posting on Steemit, Whaleshares, Weku, and countless other of sites. Why would anyone come here where they can find the exact same content across 20 platforms? They won't, they will go else where so it is the responsibility of all of us early adapters of smoke to make sure we are posting Unique content to Smoke and not cross posting articles else where. Promote smoke else where yes, but stop cross posting. Being greedy may get you short term rewards but being giving gives you long term rewards. Greed gets short term gains but in the end it destroys.

Greed is partly what make the world a bad place

Throughout history there are examples of greed and how it has caused so much pain in the world. From government, to corporate, to individual, it destroys countries, families and homes. It is sad there is so much greed in the world and IMO posts that do any of the things I have mentioned is a form of greed. This post might piss a few people off but I feel that these things need to be said. I am saying this because I want to see changes in how people use the platform. I want to see unique content, I want to see lists of content others find readable, so I can find new authors who might have flown below the radar. I want to see what isn't easily found, not what can be found with a click or two.

I love Smoke.IO

This platform has given me a voice to talk about something I am passionate about, cannabis. As the plant has a big huge place in my life. I can't function without it, because of the pain I suffer from, if I didn't use cannabis I would be on opiates because of the pain I am in. Being able to talk about the struggles of being in a black market as a medical patient has helped me in so many ways that I can't even being to express. But I worry if this reward pool rapes keeps up that we will end up dying before we can even get started. My first love of blockchain social media is currently struggling because of similar things that happened. So please stop with your spam and lets make the best blockchain social media site on the blockchain.



Note I haven't started flagging anyone yet, but any lists that tags me that isn't a readable's list will start getting flagged if it is a copy and paste of the trending list

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I will stand by you with this, I will also flag any account that copys the trending page as of now,

I agree on the post If you read and think people will like the post you read then it should explain why it made your list and should include more then trending.. really it should include that post that is good and has very little votes

So in the end I will stand with you and Flag the accounts so you don't have to waste VP


I really just want this to be the best blockchain social media site out there, that if someone has a question about cannabis they come to first and foremost. Because we have the answers and we have the best resources available. And we do, with all the knowledgeable people here, we can have the best cannabis site hands down.


Yeah we do, We have some amazing knowledge and we can be the one stop place for all cannabis culture needs.

We face huge mountains here and there will be plenty of attacks on the spirit of this community and its focus.

The best thing about it is that while still small we can set the tone and hopefully guide sufficient to adopt and embrace that. And later cascade it.

The fight is on and the education will continue.

I only see reward pool abuse as major self voting or abuse of whaletokens on rubbish threads, I've upvoted a couple of these with 1% in the past because it could arguably be alright for SEO having a post link to a whole bunch of other smoke posts as a snapshot in time, idk.

Besides, the correct term is abuse not rape.


Raping the reward pool is a commonly understood term that originated on steem.

...however you're correct, changing to "abusing the reward pool" might be a better way of saying something.


Yeah it's pretty disgusting terminology.


I used the term I have always heard but you are right the better term really is abuse.


I am so glad you've found your passion, being able to talk about cannabis and your ailments. I am thankful you never listened to the drs and decided a pill isn't what was necessary to help you function.

As far as your rant, I agree i want to see what others find interesting across the site when it comes to a list of smokers, because it's true we can just go to trending and see the exact list.

I fully support of what you are doing. I mean i had been a user of steemit also and there were those whales who just had to post their pathetic views about some trading signals but because of their own voting power they were taking away all the reward and i and many like me had to quit it because it had no future for minnows. I love that you are trying to do things that may help the community and help minnows grow and don't let someone take the lion's share for some sh1tty price prediction or stuff like that.

I would find a list of new people that are actually writing about personal experiences to be much more helpful.
This is wonderful to read actually, I'm very curious in how the community wants to guide things.


There is so many good content creators out there, it is sad they get buried by those who are doing these type of things. I too would find a list of readables more useful. On the bright side the removed me from the list, the issue still is the list.

Upsmoked and remoske. More people need to see this. What you speak is the truth and nothing but the truth. Didn't know about crypto bloggers being just C-P posts. Thank you for enlightnment on that subject.
I agree 100% with you in this. What Smoke needs is quality content created in quality ways. I love smoke aswell. It has been an Oasis of relief for me. It has become like a home where I have to return every day and don't want to see in shumbles. So if Smoke needs defending I am it's disposal. I never really liked Facebook or Instagram that much. It/it could never fulfill my need to create quality content M, because the only things that get recognition there are near naked woman posing. Nothing with character. But here it's different. And that what I love.


I wouldn't be so bothered by it if the user had other posts but that is all their posts is C-P from the trending list. I had asked him not to include me in them because I thought it was spam, but then he kept including me, but on the posts I called him out he did edit and remove me from the lists. I know many look as it is a shout out, but no that isn't a shout out when it is 100% today's trending from the trending page. Yes they do have to sort through the other days still on the list, but seriously that is a waste to me and abusive to the system. I am working on calling it abuse instead of rape, I agree with @indica that term is vial I just used the term I have always heard it called on steemit, and we need to be better than that too and call it what it truly is and that is abuse of the system.


Exactly. Perhaps the Smoke they earned could be used to help others. For like they made contests and give them away.