Picked up a Stoner accessory tool

2 months ago

This is not about pipes

Nor is this post about papers, bongs or other smoking devices. But what else can a stoner need you might ask. Simply put all stoners need at least one incense holder, it is a great way to mask the cannabis smell. I have a few packed away in my spare room. But yesterday while shopping I saw an incense holder that reminded me of @writer43 aka @groot. What kind of incense holder could remind me of a smoke.io user, a tree of course. I thought it was bad ass, and thought I over paid for it at $22 but a quick internet search showed I got a deal as every other seller of this type of incense holder wants $29.95 for it.


The detail on this piece is awesome

I like how artistic these piece is, the detail on it is awesome and realistic looking. If I saw this in real tree size I would think the tree was alive. Cause this is almost creepy on how human like it is. Seriously it kind of reminds me of a guy I know that passed away some years ago.


Even the back of the pieces has nice detail

It really does have that appearance of tree bark. I seriously saw this piece while buying my new chillum yesterday and had to have it. I normally don't buy myself splurge items but yesterday I figured I been working hard I deserve to get a couple of items I don't need but just want. Really this piece is art.


It will hold cones or sticks

But I recently bought some sticks so that is what I tried out on it. It works very nicely except there isn't any place to actually catch the ash. So today I am gonna go buy a glass candle dish at the dollar tree for it to sit on to catch the ash. Seriously they could have thought of that, such a bad ass piece for such a crappy design flaw. Oh well it is an easy fix.


Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass, don't mess up the rotation.



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What a great incense holder 😍😍😍 Its really beautiful! and it does remind the Groot character from Guardians of Galaxy :)


Right when I saw it I had to have it lol

@Groot Approved:D


If I ever decided to get rid of it I already decided it becomes yours. Seriously if I ever get rid of it, I am gonna message you to see if you want it first.



Oh that is quite the unusual piece! Love all the details on it.

Definitely a conversation starter.