Pandemic rush on supplies including cannabis

16 days ago

Wow what a week it has been

Been a weird long week with the Coronavirus fear causing a pandemic rush on first Toilet paper then other goods it just dawn on me that there has been a rush on cannabis too. I am nearly out of my supplies for the month and need to reup already cause things are moving fast.


I think I have to limit my dealers till I get reup

It isn't like I deal to a lot of people. I have two dealers I score for and a few close friends I also score for. Mainly I have about 6 small customers and the 2 dealers as customers. My smaller customers have bought more this week but my dealers have been hit hard as they deal with more than a half dozen customers. The one dealer went from a half pound every two weeks to seeling 23 ounces in 6 days. The other dealer has also seen his business double in the last 4 days as he has gone through 2 lbs in a week. And he normally is about 15 to 17 ounces a week. It finally dawned on me that fuck people are rushing to hoard cannabis too. Great for the short term but means next months sells might be slower.

I don't want to run dry

So I might have to limit everyone on what they can purchase till I know I will be able to reup my supplies. Seriously didn't expect this cause I don't really sell that much, enough to smoke for free and to pay a bill or two. And am thinking I need to limit everyone before I end up looking like this aisle of the store in my cannabis drawer.

that is paper towel I took this two days ago that papertowel is no longer there, my son works at the store I took this photo at and I was there today just to look.


The bright side

I still have plenty of tincture, candy and butter. But I am sure once the weed runs low they will remember I have that too and rush me for that too. Good thing I bought a lot of raw materials for making those things before this rush of goods. Today our local stores are nearly out of meats, produce, cheese, bread, soda, flour, sugar, noodles. It looks like a winter storm times 20 out there.

I am a prepper

I always keep a good stash of can goods and dry goods on hand for emergencies that I rotate. I have alternative heating and lighting sources that require no batteries. I make sure we have at least 2 months of hygiene items on hand at all times. I started stockpiling a few items here and there when I didn't have much money. Where I would buy an extra can or two or an extra bag of beans or rice everytime I would grocery shop using coupons as much as I could for free items. It took a few months but before I knew it I had enough food to shelter in place for at least 2 months and can stretch that if we make soups even longer.

I also did the same with hygiene items and cleaning. Once I had a build up, I stopped stock piling and just bought as normal rotating the old to the front and the new to the back. Except paper products I don't worry about rotating those. So when this pandemic on rushing for goods started I was already prepared and didn't have to rush out to buy things. But I have family that hasn't been able to find any toilet paper and are about out. So I am sharing with them.

The gods must like that I am sharing my toilet paper because I found two places today with a little bit and was able to get two packs at each place. And since I am already well stocked what I found today will be going to friends and family that hasn't been able to find any.

I hope this teaches people to be prepared

Anything can happen, I learned this lesson hard during a 2005 ice storm. My neighborhood and former city was ground zero for that ice storm. My neighborhood was hit the hardest we lost power for 11 days. We were in an all electric house, with no back up heat and had to vacate our home for the entire 11 days. I said never again will something like this happen and I started preparing for the next disaster, pandemic or war that could happen at home (you never know) and what is funny those who made fun of me are now coming to me for Toilet paper. So who is laughing now?

I understand runs to dispensaries but not to the dealers

Even if things for the most part shut down not everything will and your blackmarket dealers will still be able to meet the needs of their customers as long as people don't panic buy cause we all know most stoners will smoke more not less if they have more.

Working on own version of busy

I am working on trying to figure out how to create another front end to access for when it is down. We need our one version of a maybe burnout or burntout, but of this causes a lockdown shelter in place order, I will have plenty of time to figure it out. Till next time stoners it's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass, don't mess up the rotation.



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Talk about a crazy world? It’s crA crA out there!


After I wrote this my only customer that hadn't hit me up yet hit me up and one of my very occasional one hit me up too. Seriously weird

I have seen in the tv news that the coffee shops in Amsterdam are jam packed with weed buyers trying to get their stuff before the coffee shops close-down as per a city decree ... that's weird if one runs out of stuff and nowhere to go except for the black market.


I live in a black market so that is the only way to get it. It was getting so expensive I been selling some to be able to smoke for free and it has been crazy even in my market. I normally go through 3 to 4 pounds in a month between me and the few customers I have and I have already done that in the last 2 weeks. It is crazy crazy busy and my supplier says he has been slammed too with early orders like mine. I was able to get my order in but will I be able to get it before they shit everything down IDK so I have raised my prices temporarily cause it might be a month before my delivery arrives (I hope not) I am down to my last pound and I raised my prices to keep it as long as possible till the delivery arrives.