Moving up my plans because of an unwanted change

5 months ago

So my friend who was suppose to sell me the lights

Didn't like the replacement lights that he bought. He decided to spend a lot of money on a professional set up and hated it and decided he is not selling me his array after all. Though I am totally bummed about it, I decided that I need something this weekend because I am not sure if my Northern Lights that died if it was a change in temperature if it is not getting enough light. I am pretty sure it was the change in the temperature, but I will feel better when I have a better lighting system.


I decided to go with this lighting panel for few reasons

They offer a 3 year warranty and they offer a replacement or money back guarantee without return. They also have a 4.2 review on Amazon, that is pretty good, so I figure why not try it. Worse case I return it and get my money back.

But I also decided to go ahead and invest in a tent

I got a TopoLite 48"x24"x60 that should be plenty of room for what I am attempting to grow. I am going to clear a spot for it to be set up when it arrives tomorrow. As right now I have no place to set it up. But that is partly because I have some boxes I haven't unpacked because I need another dresser, but last night my dear husband finally did something I been after him to do for years, he went through his clothes and got rid of a whole 33 gallon trash bag full and we took them and donated them to a Veteran's organization. So now I have the room to unpack that corner of my room and that will be the new tents home when it arrives hopefully by Monday or Tuesday.


In the meantime

I have set up a portable heater in the closet and have the temperature raised in the closet. Closing it pretty much all the way off, dropped the temperature in the closet noticeably from the rest of the room, so putting the tent in our bedroom will help keep the plants at a proper temperature without having to add extra heat. And tomorrow because I don't think there is enough light going on, I am going to use one of my photography light stands and put one of my grow lights in it to give some extra light.

I need to order a carbon filter for the set up

I already have fans so I am not investing in anymore fans, and I also have timers so I don't need that. I am trying to get by and get the minimum I need without breaking the bank. I would love to have the best equipment and all, and I still want that array our friend built, so I am gonna make my husband help me built one. But that project will have to wait for a few weeks as my husbands work schedule is crazy right now. The one thing I don't like about these type of lighting system I just bought is eventually they will stop working and there is no changing out the bulbs. I hate things that are disposable. And the light array similar to what my friend build is superior IMO because you can easily change out the bulbs for different type of lighting for different stages or different plants. In the long run it is also cheaper as you are not having to replace your panel which can be expensive. And things that are cheaper in the long run I am always a big fan of. Especially if it works just as good if not better than these systems that can cost hundreds of dollars.

Till next time stoners

It is 4;20 somewhere so puff, puff, pass




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That's going to be a nice setup and thank you for donating to the vets


We do what we can for them.

Damn.. nice set up.. those grow tents are pretty cool... back in my day we taped Panda plastic to the bedroom walls and slept in the living room


It wasn't as expensive as some I have seen. The price was right plus I got free shipping. I really want these plants to make it and grow and this will help make sure everything is regulated correctly.

Well with these disco lights and tent you can get the cultivation started even on Mars. The way Mark watney started the potato cultivation in the movie "The Martian".

Now you mean business, that's a great setup you've got going on, bong on. :-)

Good luck with your latest build! Am wondering what's the name off this funky disco panel? have been seeing them around..


When I am back at my computer I will look it up. I thought I put it in there like I did with the brand of tent.

Wow ... this will be a fantastic set up. I am saving up to get a proper grow tent and lights too.


My gorilla glue seems to be doing fine but another one of my northern lights is struggling. I added another light hoping to help it recover.

Congrats on the new investment, awesome tent and light! Looking forward to see it full of plants :)