Long long day and some advice about prepping for disasters

15 days ago

Yesterday I kind of went on a rant post about what is going on right now

I thought yesterday was a little nuts but today my mother called, she was in tears because she went all over trying to find milk for my dad and couldn't find any. I told her I would find some and get it to her. I left a little after 9 am to go to the stores to try to find a gallon on milk for my 68 year old mother and 81 year old father. I went to Walmart, Meijer, Payless, Aldi, another Payless and then a third Payless and two other smaller region stores that are in my area and no one had milk. But at the last Payless I went to I asked a lady that worked there if she knew when they would be getting more Milk in and she told me they were expecting a truck around 2:15 so after my doctors appointment which was at 2:50 I went back to the Payless and grabbed up the 2 limit of milk and took my mom milk.

But while I was waiting for the milk to be restocked and my doctors appointment

I had more orders to fill, seriously I thought they were done stocking up, nope they were not done, even with me raising the prices slightly I had a very busy day on the cannabis side of my life. One client alone bought enough supplies to last 6 weeks, if he rations it correctly as that is what he normally buys over a 6 week period, but we all know stoners have a tendency to use more when they have more around. Hopefully he rations correctly because I have a feeling moving around is about to become harder here in the United States.

Cities are already calling for lock downs

San Francisco is locking down starting tonight at Midnight, in my state restaurants can only offer carry out or delivery no dine-in allowed and all bars were ordered to close, stores are closing earlier than normal, and the situation of finding food is becoming harder. My daughter had an electrical issue in her home before the pandemic happened, but the funds to fix the issue wasn't available till the other day and the issue was fix, but all her food in her fridge had gone bad. So she really needed food before things lock down. I took her to Walmart because Aldi's was closed already and in order to get her a couple of weeks of food I spend nearly $200, they did have one gallon of milk left, it was organic and yes I bought it even though it cost nearly $7. Basically the only food Walmart had left was the higher dollar items of stuff that was so high up noone could reach it. My daughter climbed the shelves to get stuff. They had no meats, no eggs, no Toilet paper, no water, no veggies or fruits except lettuce, apples and oranges, every thing else was gone. They did have lunch meat still but no bread except some bakery buns (yes I got them), they also had some cheese, but seriously the picking were very slim. It made me sad to see that people have panicked. But with the steps the government seems to be taking, I can see why so many are.

I hope this teaches the world to be prepared for disasters, pandemics and or war

Cause we live in a world that is pretty fucked up. Not only do we have to worry about Mother Nature and her fury of hurricanes, earth quakes, tornado, volcanoes, ect... But we have scientist that want to play god and mutate a virus that causes pandemics there are also other things we are awakening as we cut down the forests in remote areas that our immune systems are not ready for. And shit a lot of the world know exactly what war can cause. Because of all of these things, everyone should have emergency items ready to go. Everyone even those who are poor can slowly prepare emergency stashes over time and when something does happen they can stay safely in their homes while everyone else is going crazy. Or if they get out with the crazy they are trying to help someone else that didn't prepare.

When this is over start preparing for the next time

Because it is not if, it is when, and there will always be some time of disaster and sometimes it can be a personal one and not a national or world wide one. When you go to the store each week, buy one or two extra can goods or dry goods like a bag of beans or rice, they last a long time and a little bit of beans and rice can go a long way. Each week when you shop add one or two extra items you know you won't eat and start your stock pile, when you have at least 2 months of food you can stop or keep going if you want, but 2 months of extra supplies should be enough to get through most situations. The same things with Hygiene and cleaning items. If you do that you won't have to rush to the store and hoard things and the poorest among us can get the items they need.

Items that are good to have in a disaster

  • Cannabis if you are a medical patient or a stoner, seriously you are gonna need it
  • Foods you like to eat
  • Dry beans and Rice, seriously a little goes a long way and in a prolong situation you will want these
  • First aid equipment including quick fix for chipped or broken teeth, it is temporary but in these situations it is important to have
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Board games there is only so much Television and Internet on can stand
  • seeds, cannabis, fruits, veggies depending on how bad this is, having seeds might be smart
  • Bug out bags Pretty much everything I just listed but in a good strong hiking pack, with a camel back, cause in certain situations you might need to leave. A light weight tent with some heavy duty tarp is lighter than a big tent and will allow you to survive if you need to flee at a moments notice. I highly suggest bags of beans and rices in those packs avoiding the weight on can goods as if you have to leave on food you need to be able to carry what you need on your back. And instead of a board games a deck of cards is idea here. Oh and women make up some make shift pads because in a bug out situation you won't have access to pads and tampons or get a diva cup.
  • weapons for self protection and or hunting

Yes I have all these things and more. in 2005 I had my own wake up call that anything could happen and change how we live even if it is short term. There was an ice storm and we were without power for way too long. And I never wanted to feel helpless like that again. We had to leave our home, thankfully we have a wonderful group of friends and family that took us in, but I don't want to be a burden to anyone, so I decided right then and there I wasn't going to let that happen again, so I started stockpiling a little at a time and when I felt like it was enough, I just rotated the old to the front and the new went in the back and I stopped stockpiling. As I feel like I have enough to get through what ever is happening and I will be planting soon inside my fruits and veggies to get a head start on them. that I will transplant sometime in May outdoors.

Okay I have had a long ass day and am starting to ramble

I am sorry there are not pretty photos today, sometimes text is all that I can do as I could take a photo of my joint but I am exhausted and barely have enough energy to even write this. I am kind of hoping they shut everything down here so I can focus on a version of busy for smoke, and when I say that I mean it like busy was the first other front end for the steem network, not that we need a non developed version, as I would like our other front end to be more like steempeak that actually has development happening and if a shut down happens I won't have any choice but to be at home and if I am forced to be at home, I am gonna have lots of free time to focus on it, I been wanting too focus on that for a couple of weeks after I launched my witness but this damn pandemic has postponed any of those plans as I been busy. Till next time stoners it's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass, don't mess up the rotation.



If you can stay home stay home and don't smoke after anyone for a while, if you are with loved ones and your friends just have everyone roll their own. Yes it is more expensive that way but if this is really the pandemic it is made out to be, we don't need to be making each other sick.

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