I got some smoke.io pencils

last year

I saw a freebie a while back for some customizable pencils

I thought hey why not go ahead and get some to pass out to my stoner friends that are not on the site yet. I wish I could have ordered it in green but they didn't have the option on the color smoke.io was written in. But it will do the job of promoting the site. I might even leave a few in some smoke shops.

The mockup

I am not 100% sure I will get these again

They don't look bad but when I think about it most people type and don't write anymore. Shoot the few I do know that still prefers pen and paper over typing would not use this site anyways so this might be a busted effort. But who knows maybe it won't be a waste effort and maybe we will get some new members over some one getting their hands on a pencil.




So what do you think

Will this be an effective on the down low marketing tool or do you think it is a wasted effort. If I got more of these would you want some to pass out and around your area? Let me know in the comments below. Till next time stoners it's 4:20 somewhere so fire it up.



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I'm probably one of few who still uses pencils because I like to write. In writing, I find it's easier to erase mistakes than to try to use white-out over pen. I've got quite the collection though, so I think I'm set on pencils for life lol! It's cool you got them with smoke.io on them I like that too.


That is awesome glad to see people other than children still using them. Maybe all hope isn't loss on these then.

I say plaster that name everywhere.... especially on Twitter since every time you type “Smoke.io”.... a hyperlink comes up ..... https://Smoke.io smoke.io smoke.io smoke.io smoke.io Smoke.io Smoke.io Smoke.io Smoke.io Smoke.io Smoke.io Smoke.io Smoke.io Smoke.io Smoke.io Smoke.io Smoke.io https://Smoke.io


Not every one can because of legal issues

Cool! The more branding of things we do the more it will spread! Great work! I like them even if you are not sure for them. :P


Thinking about asking my dealer to pass them out to his customers lol

Great idea! Good vibes.