Did you hear I joined the Canna-Curate GHRO as a DJ

3 months ago

So if you don't read my Roach Sunday posts you might not know

That I have joined the Canna-Curate team on GreenHouse Radio Online as a DJ on Sunday Nights that I call the Roach Sunday Show. Sometimes I will do contests, or I might randomly give away smoke. But that will not be a weekly thing, as I am not made of money and though I might get most of what I give away for free, it still costs me shipping and those costs can add up. Seriously guys what I spend in shipping I could have powered up and been a whale here already, but I like the ideal of building by creating and building the site so all of us can grow and make some money. Plus I love the idea personally of knowing that my hard work is shown in my account, it allows me to take more pride in it. But now I am starting to go off in a tangent and that is not what this post is about. This is about my radio show.


Click here to join the Canna-Curate discord channel and listen to Greenhouse Radio Online come grow with us

Each week I start my show with an educational cannabis talk

Before we jam out to stoner related music of all genres to say I am eclectic in my music tastes, I play stoner music from Yesteryear ie. 1930 jazz, to classic rock, to country, to rap, to pop and everything in between, so if you don't like what you hear, stick around because I am sure something will be more to your liking. Besides the music and education talk I also talk about legalization issues and stories in the news related to cannabis. This past Sunday we talked about an Indiana family whose daughter died because they didn't have reliable access and was scared to tell people they were treating their daughter with cannabis, but now because they ran out and their daughter sadly died, they are not speaking out and telling the world what they did. You can read the story here Note this link will take you off site to hightimes.com

So come and listen to Greenhouse Radio Online

Every day there is a show, though I haven't learned the schedule yet, but if you go to @canna-curate I know they keep a schedule of the shows and the DJ on their page. It is cool to hear cannabis related talk. Not to mention the kick ass music that gets played. So come and grow with us. Who knows maybe the night you stop in to listen it might be the night you win.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so Puff Puff Pass

Roach Sunday GHRO.png




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That is awesome i didn't know about the GreenHouse Radio .... gonna check it out now!
It's so nice we have someone like you around, committed long term and has the depth of character to see it's more than all about the 'moon', the community building and engagement you are doing is adding great value to this network. Keep it up and thanks again.


Hope you come and check the show out and the other shows through out the week.


It is indeed awesome! Join us!

I am happy to know that you are taken into account @tecnosgirl I also appreciate what you do helping SMOKE and giving intensive which I have not seen in other communities giving something extra out of pocket, spending to send these awards, so I support your show on the radio, I also like to hear it from time to time on my days off to smoke and listen to some music with other users, I am very happy to have found this community thanks to my brother and his friend who belong to the community, that I did not have much knowledge of this,I thank all the users for supporting this beautiful community, I try to tune the radio in my free time to smoke therefore I invite everyone to support @canna-curate and his radio so we grow more as a community the best environment.

Very glad to have you on! Remember all is welcome. We are all about that cannabis and block chain

I had wondered in the beginning when i first saw your Roach Sunday contest, that if i win technosgirl have to deliver me the stuff to India , but i dont know where you are .. might be out of Asia, i thought It will cost her a lot.
I will be surely trying my best to tune in to your show :D


I am in the US not Asia and yes it does cost a lot to ship stuff all over the world.


yea.. Indeed

Congrats. I belive if anyone has something to say then its you. I'll try to listen to their radio more.