Crafting, Cannabis and Christmas movies

8 months ago

As the title says

I have been crafting, smoking cannabis and watching Christmas movies. I am full speed ahead crafting for Christmas. I have made a ton of crafts as a money saving effort to be able to provide something small for all my siblings beside the treats I bake and make. I am making Christmas street lamp decorations for them. So far I am digging the way they are turning out. I am not done with all of them yet as I am making 7 sets of them.



I have also been doing some decor crafting for my own house

I made a lighted box, a couple of lighted pictures, a wreath and a couple of ornaments for my grandbabies that I gave them the other day but forgot to take the finished photos on them.





Cherry Blossom has been great for crafting

As I have found it has helped inspire creativity. And when I am ready to relax for the night either the dragonball or the Purple Diesel is doing the job. Tonight I am smoking on the Purple Diesel.



Now it is time for a cheesey Christmas movie

I watch at least 1 Christmas movie every day from the day after Thanksgiving to Christmas day. It is a tradition that I have been doing nearly all my adult life. So I am kicked back smoking a doobie currently writing up this post while watching a Christmas movie. So far it is cheesey just like I like. Till next time stoners it's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass.



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Do you get the christmas spirit very early? My wife sure does. I'm back and forth between grinching and envy. Either way, Im always green...


I am always in the giving spirit so I like to think I keep that spirit year round. But I don't decorate till the day after Thanksgiving. I did start Christmas crafting before then as I am making my gifts this year. Buying very few of them.