A weed book across the globe?

3 months ago

Yesterday was my 17th Wedding Anniversary

My husband and I went out and about traveling around driving for about 6 hours or so with no place in particular in mind to go, just on a random adventure. Stopping when we felt like it. One of the places we stopped at happened to be a used book store. Where my husband found this book with the title Weed and I had to pick it up.


After we got back in the car

We had a discussion about how cool it would be to read it sign my username to the blank cover page then send it to another user for them to read it sign the blank cover page with their user name and pass it along to another smoke.io user to repeat and do the same.


I know without asking @gr8fulmag420 will want to join in

So what I need to know is who else would like to join in on the fun? If the interest is there then once I read it I will sign it pass it along to @gr8fulmag420 to sign and give back to me to make a post to send it to the next user. Then once that user has read it and signed it they will make a post about it and ask who wants it and then pick a user who will do the same. Users who want make a promise to do the same if picked.

I kind of want to see how many times we as a site can pass this book along to another users of the site.

So what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below. Till next time stoners it is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass.




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You already know I'm in. I need to get it together and stay posting again...Balance. lol

Yeah, I'm in...how are you going to keep track of it? Through comments in here?


Yeah, That is a good question on how to track it


It would all be on the honor system as we can't force people to do their part but I thought it would be cool to see how far and wide we could get it to go and we could track it through a tag.

Ok, send it to me, I’m all the way out in the middle of the Pacific!
Fast shipping 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 a+++++! Maybe we can track it on the blockchain?


That would be part of the fun how long will it take to reappear.

Sounds like fun to me, you have my shipping info!

I am in for this as well,

I’m down!

A smoke blockchain based bookcrossing experiment? That’s pretty darn cool.

While it’s “elsewhere” people could put it on steemworldmap to track or add approximate GPS location data to their sig so somebody can make the “itinerary”.


I thought so and am happy others seem to think it is cool too.


Oh drat. I totally missed the opening paragraph/line. 😳


Additional thought: a calendar (two) with smoke nugporn.

Whoever receives the book also marks the date and location and after a year the calendars are sent to you and @stoner for the smoke museum.

Further iterations/year’s could include the previous itineraries.

I like this. I'm also in. It would most definetly be an interesting chain experiment for our community and the trust we hold in each other.
#travelingbook sound like the perfect tag.


I thought it was a cool idea and would love to see how far and how many different users we can get it to. The things you think of when you are stoned, because I had my liquid dab pen with me when we came up with this and I was stoned off my ass.

Through a tag is how we would keep track and the honor system

Thats an awesome idea wow


Thanks I get good ones at times when I am baked.