A sneak peak of things to come

6 months ago

Before we know it April 20th will be upon us

Which means I am working hard behind the scenes to bring the biggest giveaway to date to smoke.io and I am a little excited about some of the things that will be in the ultimate 4/20 basket giveaway/contest. There will be a ton of things given away in an ultimate stoner basket. There will be many things in this basket. But I wanted to show off the center gem of the basket that will be given to a lucky winner on our stoner holiday. It is a smoke.io glass glow in the dark bong.




There will be a ton of stuff in this giveaway

Pretty much nearly everything you have seen me giveaway the last few months will be in this giveaway for the Ultimate 4/20 giveaway/contest. But this item I am really excited about. Because it took 2 months to pull this one off. Meaning lots of planning and bugging people went into getting my hands on it.

I haven't decided what kind of contest or giveaway to do yet

I want to make it where everyone can enter, but not as easy as my weekly Freebie Friday giveaways. So if you have any fun ideas or suggestions leave them in the comments below. A special thanks to @jackdub and his wife for creating the bad ass decals for the smoke.io bong couldn't have pulled this off without his help.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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Your welcome, thanks for the smoke :) - The glow in the dark bong looks great, wife likes it too, i was starting to wonder how long the decal delivery would take. Looking forward to seeing what the contest will be.


Yeah they arrived last week I made a video but then never got around to posting it. LOL I even got a Bought with smoke graphics for when it arrived. I will eventually get around to it. Maybe. LOL


Hint hint... I could use some decals for the bus..

A glow in the dark smoke.io bong, how cool.

With that kind of prize pool I’d have to say it should be an unique contest.


that is what I am thinking too, but what it will be yet I haven't decided. Am totally open to ideas

Wow this a very cool bong. You are awesome to collect and organise so many cool prices. Respect!