A live Roach Sunday

26 days ago

Hey guys I know this is a little unfair cause not everyone is on at the time of this posting

But this week I am doing my Roach Sunday Contest live in Canna-Curate Discord for those listening live in GreenHouseRadioOnline. Canna-Curate has members across most Blockchain communities that have cannabis content. So you will find a mixture of those who support the cannabis communities not only on smoke.io but other platforms as well. I do two shows a week there, there are many contributors that do shows there each week. Sundays at 2 pm unless there is a community forum on that Sunday then I follow right after with the Roach Sunday Show. This week instead of doing my traditional Roach Sunday Contest on Smoke.IO I am doing a live giveaway on Discord to promote the Cannabis Community as a whole no matter where one might make their cannabis home on.


The kicker is no matter what platform they are on

They will be getting smoke.io swag as the mystery prize I will be giving away. So if you are online right now at the time of the post or within the next two hours and want a chance to win a mystery smoke.io swag prize then join me for the Roach Sunday show starting in about 20 minutes. I will do the drawing at 3:40 pm about 2 hours after I have posted this. You can come and listen here https://discord.gg/8EAXm2g

Cannacurate GHRO.PNG

I know a few shows have been added to the GHRO show list

But sadly I don't have an updated flyer at the moment, I am trying to get a hold of that but this is a partial list of the shows you can find during the week. I know that since this flyer was created that @d00k13 has doing the team and has a show on Wednesday at 4PM PST. Also a couple of Sundays a month we have a community forum all about what is going on in the blockchain world that affects the cannabis community.

So come and join me today for your chance to win

And for some cannabis talk, current event talk and some stoner music. On Roach Sunday I find songs that is all about weed, sometimes Main Stream Music, sometimes it is Parody but it is all about cannabis when it comes to the music. So come get high with me, as I am always smoking a doobie while the show is going on. Till next time stoners, it's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, bogart that shit for at least now, till they start offering treatment to those who need it. Because that is the biggest issue with the Covid shit is them not treating people if they get sick even if it isn't CoVid.



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Great show so far!

Great stuffs girl 👌