Stoner Gets A Letter! .. Also Happy Bday To A Extra Ordinary Smoker!!!

8 months ago

On Friday I received my first ever letter from America.

Left Ameruca on Dec 4th.. Arrived in my post box February the 7th... Gotta love the South African Postal Service

Can you believe it?

No no, it wasn't a cease and desist from the SEC 🤣 (Did the love stamps give it away?), in fact the SEC has recently stated that "Tokens sold in a functioning network ARE NOT securities." ...How cool is that?

It was, in fact, a letter from @tecnosgirl!!!

What was in the envelope?

The first thing was a card with the perfect message. Thanks @tecnosgirl, It is great to get some snail mail from half way across the world to remind me just how much easier life is with the internet.

We are now able to communicate in seconds, rather than months at a time.

When I was a child there was "pen pals" that you could write too.. I'm not sure where or how we found these peoples addresses back then but I used to write mail to half a dozen people from across the world and eagerly await replies that would take months and sometimes even up to a year.

As soon as MSN messenger became popular I don't think I have ever received a personal letter in the post and completely forgot I even used to do this until this reminder from tecnosgirl that the international mailing system actually still operates.

Inside the card was also a limited edition custom fridge magnet. It is way bigger than I thought it would be and great quality finish, I could probably use it in the car as a rolling pad too, though I wouldn't want to get a magnet too close to my phone so perhaps its better on the fridge.

Co incidence?...

Today is @tecnosgirls bday!

Be sure to wish here on this post: as I am sure @gr8fulmag420 will make sure she reads them all and makes sure tecnos has an epic day!

If you have not seen @tecnosgirls posts, giveaways or thoughtful and heart warming comments on one of your posts I suggest you go stalk her right now!! 😄 😅 😆

She also runs the now infamous #roachsunday which is both awesome, and kinda gross at the same time, as Sunday's created feed fills up with nips and ashtrays... I highly suggest you try it out if you not like me and smoke your j's right up until the filter tip each and every time.

Sorry Tecnos I simply can't break the habit of smoking up all my joints, and so my roachsunday would be pretty bleak

As always, Happy Smoking!

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Thanks and I am so glad it finally arrived. I told someone else I sent something to, to give it a few weeks that some places it can take a two months to arrive. But wow that was just over 2 months it took to arrive that is an extremely long time. And thanks for the Birthday wishes.


Happy Birthday and what a great idea with the package! Good to see such community efforts here!


That is very sweet of you technos! Very thoughtful and I am too very thankful for smoke! happy bday!!


thanks for making Stoner smile morei heard he gets busy a lot and little time to smile ☺ lol............ 🤭
above all Happy birthday, may the best of your todays be worst of your tomorrow's ♥.

Left Ameruca on Dec 4th.. Arrived in my post box February the 7th
Took a lot of time / the magnet look so great / Congrats / By the way I still wait here in Romania for my magnet and I hope to recieve it soon / Happy Smoking & Happy day.

Happy B-Day @tecnosgirl.

Happy happy birthday ! 🎈🤗

Nice gestures, happy birthday to @technosgirl, the one and only roach girl... Lol

First of all, and because i'm sure you will read this post: Happy birthday @tecnosgirl ! Wishing you a great day and a lot of cannabis all year round! 😊🎂🎁🎈🎊💚
You're one of the best members of this site and all your posts, contests, ideas and interaction with everybody is highly appreciated by the community and is one of the things that make this community great and sets the standard for new users do to the same and get rewarded. Good and hard work pays off as well as dedication and love for what we do.
On other news, is great to know that SEC considered that Tokens sold in a functioning network ARE NOT securities. :)

Snail mail and it wasn’t from any legal entity?! :|

Enjoy the fridge magnet!

Wonderful gesture 🌿 and Happy b’day to @tecnosgirl 🥳🥳🥳🎂🎂🎂

Well , if SEC sends a letter with a “Love” stamp on it , even that would first of a kind 😂

@tecnosgirls is one of the best bloggers on and I always enjoy reading her posts, she always has interesting articles. So happy birthday @tecnosgirls and thanks @stoner for giving us all a voice to be heard around the world, bong on bro. :-)

What a happy coincidence you got it right before get birthday! Congrats on the magnet, I can't wait to get mine.

This is really cool..! Snail mail is such a novelty now,..getting something in the post is exciting for sure,..something other than bills..! haha

Happy B-Day @tecnosgirl, all the best!

PS @stoner

Sorry Tecnos I simply can't break the habit of smoking up all my joints, and so my roachsunday would be pretty bleak

Seems we have the same prob here.

Everyone have a great day!

Nice magnet and 2months is really a long time lol. In btw a warm birthday to @tecnosgirl no doubt, she is one of the wonderful people we have here. Much love❤

Good OLD snail mail. Thats cool, Im looking forward to seeing whats in the book she made.


The birthday is for @tecnosgirls not Stoners. 😜

I can bet she did send the snail mail so that you can hold on the paper and read instead of the internet version and also because of the gift inside. I love her passion and way she think (any thing she feels to make the message). This kind of touch do really get me😅.

Happy birthday to you @tecnosgirls, wish you long life and prosperity. In joy and more happiness you will live the rest of your life. Smoke on! 🤠 🎉


With everyone else getting smoke swag I had to make sure the founder got some too.


Oh oh! And that's awesome. You've did a great job TecnosG. 💪🤠👍

@technosgirl can send gift to any part of the country she sent some magnet to Nigeria too. I haven't received it yet but am glad she can jump off her comfort zone to show a little kindness.

You are such a wonderful gift to smoke. Thank you so much.

And thank you @stoner for giving us a voice here. Thank you

@stoner Thanks for the love you have sent my way! Just found out today that you are the creator of itself, wanted to say Loads of Respect to you for starting this Project!

A great gift to the world helping to share the love for this medicine and teacher plant and uniting those voices that share this mission!

Beaucoup de Love from Luxembourg