One Year On ... A Recap .. More of a shoutout.

4 months ago

It is with great honor and pride that I create this post... one year on and the dream of a cannabis network free from censorship is slowly taking shape with the help of all of you!

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Before we release our official Bday with an update on what we have been up to, some user and Google stats, as well as our upcoming plans in line with our roadmap, I thought I would get ahead of ourselves and recap on my personal favorite moments that have made this all worth it for me and keeps me passionate about the project despite some of the hiccups we have experienced and obstacles in our way.

One of my first posts

Last year I introduced some ideas to the community which received dozens of comments. While some of those users have left to find not so greener pastures many of you are still passionate daily users which I have seen grow on the platform, made friends and swap ideas. You know who you are, but many you can still see making themselves known on the trending page and in comment threads.. Users such as @lordoftruth, @rawpride, @prettynicevideo, @kiefpreston, @davedickeyyall, @indaymers, @oluwastoner, @purpleflowers, @maelstrohmblack, @bbq-iguana @goldendawne, @heaterville, @jessica, @howhigh, @offgrid, @betgames, @murda-ra, @ganja, @subways, @jah.witness, @cannabis, @graylan, @smoketerzai56, @bbq-iguana @psyceratopsb, @maryjane, @enjoyinglife, @princeola, @mrspacely, @trees, @lexsmoke, @edprivat, @powerpics, @smokeasaurusrex, @goldendawne all made my early days smoke days extremely special.

These early interactions validated the need and want for a platform free from centralized control in the cannabis niche and proved our concept. A good day after stressful months coding, working with witnesses to be ready to rock, getting Rudex set up for the gateway, testing, ICO claims, support and more. I was exhausted and found my energy in every single comment and post that came through on that day without the chain crashing. . . Expecting the worst the chain kicked off beautifully and to date has not seen any downtime or chain reorgs. To those witnesses that have made this possible and produced a never-ending stream of blocks, on behalf of the community, I thank you!!

Receiving gifts

Something that we have all come to love are contests and this community has really spread the love. I am almost sure that almost every active user has received something from the Queen of Smoke, @tecnosgirl... I myself received a Smoke fridge magnet all the way to SA!

Spreading the love is something I really want to focus on this coming year and so we will be planning a beach cleanup soon in Cape Town, whereby I plan to give away joints in exchange for bags of trash. . . I'll buy the weed :D

Unexpected content

The community has done a great job creating amazing cannabis related content such as news, strain reviews, guides and stoner content that has been doing well on Google. . . This type of content was expected, but some of the original works here I have not seen mimicked on any other cannabis platform... Stop animations such as @li-arts early works with seeds, @marshalllife's Theme Song as well as more recently @writer43's fictional works.

The Growing Community

To those that came later I thank you for making this place awesome!

Creators that came a little later but have made quite the impression on me and are killing it!! @alibi, @jackdub, @daddydaycare2x, @potspoon, @gallahad, @artisto, @relaylogix, @canada, @hightimes, @unnamed, @potspoon, @smokeykitty, @d00k13 just to name a few... Thank you for putting in the effort and becoming a part of our fam.

@ttr, @garden-works, @prettynicevideo, @smoakpipe, @hotboxshow, and everyone using the platform to post your videos, keep em coming... I love your work when I get a chance to watch em.. :)

To those i have missed out I am truly sorry. Every piece of cannabis content created will always have a place on the Smoke blockchain and be welcomed by our community. . . This is your platform after all.


Without them, what would the trending page look like?

@indica.. Thanks for not having an agenda and being such a solid curator. Not sure this place would be what it is without you mate.

Thanks to @acid, @raz, @elliot, @joesmoke, @arsenal49, @luismy, @offgrid, @lilweezy, @kiefpreston, @vaped, @lordoftruth and others that find and support the very best content on and distribute new Smoke Power in a fair and responsible way.

A special thanks to @unnamed for providing support in discord and alerting me to content that may need a flag or two every known again and @herbncrypto for his current work on the strain editor (coming soon TM*).


To those that have stuck around.. I Salute you!

The chain has been rock solid for a whole year, you should all be extremely proud of the decentralized nature of the Smoke chain. To many more years of smooth, uninterupted blocks.

Last but def not least I would like to thank @baabeetaa for all your work man. You are a rockstar dev.

If I left out anyone that feels like they should be, I am truly sorry... and hope we get to toke one together to make up for it. :)

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To another year of Happy Smokin!

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Congratulations to, all the team behind it and the members that are making this site a sucess 🙂 May we be here in another year and with 10x times more users and more sucess 😊


Definitely! Thanks for all the comments and love. Keep up the great work!

I didn't even realize it until recently, but this is my most used social media platform by a long shot. I guess my phone tracks screen time, categorized by app - monthly.

Instagram - 3.4% usage per month, FB - 0.8% usage per month, Twitter - 0.5% usage per month, LinkedIn - 0.3% usage per month... - 42.7%💪 Of all my app usage lol. Which doesn't even count desktop time.

You have created something very special here. Thank you for putting in all the effort you have been, it's inspiring and makes me want to work harder to contribute. Also it gives off a really good vibe - crypto winter or not.👌



I think Twitter has rocketed in use in recent months for me. But I have an excuses, it’s called

That winter should have a bowl already, it’s solid enough to kill Ned Stark.


I'm pretty sure that's why ned stark is dead. Holdor couldn't hold anymore and the dumps of dead coins killed him


Hodor was a circle jerker.



Ah yes, hodor!


No joke, I've abandoned Facebook and steemit pretty much entirely. I do use telegram and slack for crypto communities and twitter for promoting cannabis Legalization and the smoke network, but for sure my favourite platform for engaging like minded users is the smoke network by a large margin!

Where there's smoke there's fire - congrats on the 1 year anniversary, a solid foundation has been built. I enjoy the flow of the site, the token, the smoke'n, and the censor free community - looking forward to what the next year brings, thanks for the smoke :)


Cheers Jack.. Thanks for the amazing content man. Keep killing it!

So far so good we have been like family, big thanks to everyone that has been putting efforts towards making this community a better one. Thanks @stoner, the beach cleanup sounds very interesting.


Glad you've been an active member of the family :)

New to the fam, but feel right at home already.
THANK YOU for providing a free and open outlet & most importantly - a highly dynamic means to create. This platform allows freedom in so many ways and I value that dearly.

The Smoke Team has given the tools to create amazing content and its no surprise that is why so many phenomenal creators migrated here.

Thanks to all of you that keep this platform running & to all who make it feel like the right place to create. Much 💚 to #SmokeNetwork and the entire fam!


Heck yeah! Glad you found your way to the smoke network mate, your content is epic, I can't get enough! Keep it up & I'll keep on upsmoking it! :)


Thanks YOU for all that you do @indica! 💪 you keep us all motivated & elevated. There’s no denying that you make this place feel like home.

I'm very proud to be a long term holder and active curator, this is one of my primary crypto focuses right now and don't have any plans to sell my tokens at even 100x current rates. Cheers for the shout out, long live smoke & let's roll on the next decade of smoke's success! 💯


Glad to have you here too, you are one of the super amazing persons this fam has ✌

I just wanted to say thank you for creating this site and for the mention, especially after I turned you into a half-baked pony and then a dwarf! LOL

I'm happy to be a part of the network. I just wish I had more time to write stories that apparently, people seem to enjoy reading:) I just wanted to do something that was unique, not seen anywhere else, and exclusive to Thanks, @Stoner - You Da Man!

Mournful salute and reverence,
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.


I am honored to be among
The Pioneers of Cannabis Culture,
Expansion and Growth,
Alongside ALL THESE
working their asses off to
promote and defend
our sacred Ganja!!!

There is yet much left to be done,
to break away from stigma and disinfornation, still,


Love is the Law, love under will,

Congratulations and happy anniversary! Am still a newbie here. I have read the good things about cannabis and how it prospered despite all odds. So proud of being a member here. I have learned a lot and will continue to do so. Again, congratulations!

Yeah... it’s an awesome place. Happy I joined early.


Thanks for being part of the community man!

Congratulations Stones! And to all pioneers here who made a better place for me in learning the benefits. I was blinded long time ago. Without this blockchain, I will die without the proper education about the health benefits of Cannabis.
I would like to say thank you to @indaymers and @dragonxOx for bringing me here.
Keep spreading the!
Happy Anniversary!!!
More years of power to come!


because you make it happen, our invitation would be a waste if you didn't make an action.
Keep it up!


Yes, I will do it. Now I learned a lot of thing why it is prohibited and why it should be legalized.

Awesome foundation, let’s get this place lit now! 🔥

Congratulations for the success of your hardwork for creating your baby!

Thanking all devs and curators as well as contributors too.. I wish more power to the and the blockchain that it grows stronger everyday. CHEERS!


Cheers @indaymers. Keep rocking the platform.. Thanks for supporting from week 1. :)

Congratulations for making and waking us up and the world gradually.
Cheers for the success!

Happy to have been here since day 1 and wouldn't exchange it for anything else. :)


Glad you're here mate! Looking forwards to the next decade of smoke's success! 👌

Heres to the stoners and dreamers that make it possible.


Heck yeah! :D

Thanks @Stoner!

This site will ALWAYS be my favorite <3



Very close to the 50k slider! Nice one, not long now :)


We should change the slider level to be 42k :D


That would be good...


Congrats on one year anniversary, happy to be a part of smoke family since day 1

congrats on your great work. heypi 1st bornday kudos to you and all devs , curators and content creators.. all these in one made smoke this far... more success and puffs! 👌💚

Heres to you @Stoner, heres to Smoke.IO and heres to many years to come!!